15 Ideas to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

Always be improving.

That’s the idea, right? Even the pros know. You can’t rest on your laurels when it comes to golf.

Here’s our guide to rounding out your all-around game.

5 Good Habits Every Golfer Should Develop

Formulate a pre-shot routine: Just watch the pros – or the one in your foursome who is always on point. They’ve created a routine that cuts down on pressure and puts your body (and mind) in a comfort zone. The main thing is to wipe out negative thoughts and envision your own success.

Strive for greatness: This means to relish a big drive rather than panic over hazards. Great players think of success as they putt, rather than fear bogeys and double-bogeys. They wait for the moment to score, rather than take ill-advised swipes at sucker pins out of their range.

Work on your short game: It’s a skill you’ll take to your golden years in the sport, and improve it as you play. It’s about learning to touch and feel, to approach a putt with confidence you know how to score. Consistent work will sharpen your swing and set steady play after every putt.

Practice how you want to play: Imagine spending hundreds of hours and lots of dollars — just to practice unwisely? Don’t just hammer a bucket of balls to a single target. Practice simulations of play conditions. Challenging practice will pay dividends.

Keep it honest: No matter what the stakes, remember that golf is a game of honor. We all want our lowest score — but only when we earn it. Don’t cut corners, don’t take strokes off your card, and you’ll see improvement the right way.

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Golf Driving Range

3 Reasons You Want a Golf Director to Book Your Trip

They have knowledge: In a golf hub such as Myrtle Beach, golf directors are in the know. They’ll know which courses, accommodations, even restaurants best suit their clients.

They can get discounts: It’s all about relationships, and any golf director worth their dry-wick polo has plenty of them. They have connections for great rates, advance tee times, rooms, transportation, and more.

They want you to have the best experience: From your resort to your ride to the 19th hole, they want you to have a good time. Having those things will bring you back for your next trip.

4 Things Great Golfers Do Differently

Be like Dustin Johnson, not the chap who breaks clubs over his knee after an errant shot.

Find ways to get better: Become a lifetime learner. Talk to experienced players, read golf publications, analyze your weaknesses. Improve the way you take care of your health. Hydrate, eat right, and get plenty of sleep before you tee it up.

Play with an plenty of confidence: There’s just not room for doubt, off the tee, in the rough, on the green, everywhere. Sometimes, it’s even that they despite  losing more than they crave winning. A golfer faces incredible odds at every turn; without belief to spare, it’s easy to get swallowed up in it.

They practice patience: Not all the time — plenty of pros will blame the wind or a spectator’s flash on a wayward tee shot. Before that flub, that player has likely logged thousands of hours to sharpen a skill. To be like them, build your game a step at a time, and give yourself grace.

They get in the swing: A swing coach observes a player as they practice, and offers guidance to plan for the course. As a player optimizes putting skills and perfects driving, a swing coach is right there with them. This is how the good become great on days off from play.

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Golf pro teaching beginner golfer on driving range.

Doctor’s Orders! 3 Tips to Play Better Mentally

A shaky mindset is a quick way to a frustrating round of golf.

Practice putt with one ball: It’s common to see a player drop three balls on the practice green. Stick with one. That’s all you get in play, so why give yourself a mental out in practice with two extra balls?

Chew on this: Gum, that is. Studies show chewing it as a habit can reduce anxiety and depression. Playing a game that relies on mental clarity, that’s worth a try. The chewing motion releases chemicals in your brain that promote calmness.

Stay present: If you’re on any hole — any shot — except for the one at hand, you’re not in the right place. All your mind should be on is the next tee shot, chip, or putt. By staying present, you’re able to perform your best for the task at hand.

You Never Stop Learning With Golf

Whether you’re starting out or playing on the Champions Tour, you have lots of learning ahead of you. Good thing this is a sport you enjoy. Getting better at golf can be lots of fun.

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