5 Things to Know to Stay Cool on the Golf Course

5 Things to Know to Stay Cool on the Golf Course

Imagine being at your coolest when the heat rises the most this summer on a Grand Strand golf course.

That’s worth a few strokes, right? No doubt, summers can sizzle in Myrtle Beach. But seasoned golfers will tell you that it’s possible to beat the heat on the course.

Here are some ideas to take to the links with you this summer.

Interesting Facts About Temperature and Golf

Whether you want to heat it up or play cool, there’s no denying temperature can impact your game. 

  1. Your ball travels farther in hot conditions

For every 10-degree rise in temperature, you’ll get an extra yard of carry. That’s 4 more yards on an 80-degree day than you’d get when it’s 40 degrees out.

  1. Your clubs hate the summer trunk

How many of us have left the bag in the trunk? Summer heat can roast your trunk to the tune of 130 degrees. That’s tough on the epoxy, which might loosen clubheads. Not good.

  1. It can take a toll on you, too

Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are possible with prolonged exposure. As with any summer activity, it’s important to take precautions not for your comfort, but for your health.

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5 Things to Do That Will Keep You Cool Golfing

These measures will help. But we can’t do much about your score.

1. Stay Hydrated

Always a concern while golfing, hydration is critical during the summer. Water will work best, but sports beverages and snacks during play can also help. The key is to replace the electrolytes your body loses in the heat.


Eat salty snacks such as pretzels and nuts before you play. You’ll lose a lot of sodium when you sweat. Electrolytes help balance fluids within your cells.

2. Play Early

The day heats up in a hurry during a Grand Strand summer. Opt for the earliest tee time you can get, and you might have only a few holes to play when the temperature rises. You’ll also have a lower chance of getting stuck behind a slow group by going early.


Dress in layers. Even in the summer, an early morning might feel cool. A lighter blend pullover should do the trick for a Myrtle Beach summer morning. Make sure your killer swing is safe in the pullover, of course.

3. Take Breaks

Even if it means letting the next group play through, it’s okay to pause your round for a few. Grab a cold drink and get out of the sun if possible. You’ll be giving your body’s natural cooling system a break, too.


While we’re out of the sun, it’s a good time for a sunscreen reminder. Don’t take to the course without it!

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4. Bring a Towel and Extra Bottle of Water

You might have seen special towels designed to keep you cool while working out. They’re not any different from a standard towel in cold water. Save some dough on a cooling towel and be sure to pack a small cooler with ice to dip your towel in.


If you’re playing in a group (recommended in the summer for sure), use bottled water to drench your towel. It’s more sanitary than having everyone dip and double-dip in the same cooler.

5. Dress Cool

We don’t mean taking a page out of the John Daley School of Fashion (although we don’t discourage it, either.) Wear shorts if it’s within the course’s rules, and loose ones if possible to promote air circulation. Lighter colors work best, and always wear a hat!


Synthetics help wick sweat from your body. Unlike cooling towels, this technology can make a difference. Look for it when you shop for golf apparel.

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Now You Can Stay Cool on the Course

Myrtle Beach Golf is a popular scene in the summer. When the heat turns up, you can stay cool, though, with these tips. And even keep from letting your scores soar, too.

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