Don’t Forget the Easily Forgottens: Eastport, Beachwood, Wedgefield

With so many amazing courses in Myrtle Beach, it’s inevitable that some courses will be forgotten. There are certainly reasons why those courses are forgotten. Those reasons could include multiple changes in ownership, poor course conditions, bad location or bad reputation. Three courses that fit the description of easily forgotten are Valley at Eastport Golf Club, Beachwood Golf Club and Wedgefield Plantation Golf Club. Almost every experienced Myrtle Beach golfer would not put these courses anywhere near the top of the list for must-play courses. But there are reasons to play these courses.

When to play these courses

1.     You’re a beginner. What better way to learn the game than on a true Myrtle Beach, Southern-style golf course. Eastport, Beachwood and Wedgefield all fit the Myrtle Beach mold, and you should have no trouble playing these courses. You shouldn’t have too many scratch golfers getting annoyed because you’re struggling a bit on these courses. Wedgefield is a course that was built on a rice plantation, so you certainly have a lot of history that goes along with the course. Eastport was built on the Intracoastal Waterway so it offers some satisfying scenery. Beachwood has water that comes into play on a lot of holes.

2.     You’re a bargain hunter. While Myrtle Beach is known for world-class golf, not everyone has a world-class budget to play the top courses all of the time. You can find some great prices at courses like Eastport, Beachwood and Wedgefield. At the time of writing this, you could grab a tee time at Eastport for $36 and one at Beachwood for $40. Wedgefield didn’t have any online specials at this time, but its location south of Myrtle Beach in Georgetown requires the course to keep the prices reasonable.

3.     You just NEED a tee time. Because these courses are easily forgotten, you should never have any difficulty getting a tee time. Did you get to Myrtle Beach quicker than you thought and you have time to get a round in before dark? Call Eastport, Beachwood or Wedgefield? Did the clouds break up and the sun came out? Call one of these courses. Playing golf on an average course in Myrtle Beach is always better than not playing golf, so if you need to squeeze in a tee time, these are your courses.

When not to play the easily forgotten courses

OK, if you’re a golfer who expects every blade of grass to be pristinely perfect, don’t play these courses. Wedgefield seems to be trying the hardest to get the golf conditions back to where they should be, but in all, these courses are not going to be in the best shape compared to your top courses.

If you’re only going to be able to play one or two courses while you’re in the Grand Strand area, it’s probably worth your while to plan ahead, get a tee time at one of the nicer courses in the area and spend a little more cash on your Myrtle Beach golf experience.

You’re trying to impress your friends. If you’re trying to impress some people with an amazing golf experience at the Beach, Eastport, Beachwood and Wedgefield likely won’t be the greatest courses they’ve ever played. 


There’s a reason the easily forgotten courses are forgotten. They’re not as memorable as most golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area, but they certainly still have a place. You can still have a good time, and you’re still playing in one of the best places to golf on the planet.

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