How to Gain Momentum in Improving Your Golf Swing

How to Gain Momentum in Improving Your Golf Swing

You’re booking your hotel and flight. You’ve begun creating a list of activities. But, as you make preparations for your trip to Myrtle Beach, don’t forget to do one more thing:

Brush up on your golf swing.

With so many top courses at Myrtle Beach, golf should be a top consideration for that activity list. And when working on improving your golf swing skills, various golf instruction sites agree on one main area of focus: Momentum.

Keep these top considerations in mind when working to improve your golf swing:

1. Start With the Setup.

According to Golfweek, golfers should concentrate on a strong starting stance before starting that swing. A proper setup makes a proper swing much easier. Golfers should stand with their feet shoulder-width apart, square to the target line, grip the club and bend from the waist. Weight should be equally distributed, and arms should be relaxed.


2. Point the Shoulder Toward the Ball.

Late golf legend Arnold Palmer wrote in Golf Digest that because the shoulder turn occurs on a tilted plane, the left shoulder should move down as well as around on the backswing. If the shoulders are properly tilted and turned going back, the left shoulder should point toward the ball at the top of the swing. That backswing turn will put the golfer in the right position to strike the ball squarely and forcefully.

3. Don’t Disrupt the Momentum.

Golf pro Tony Finau writes on that his 124-miles-per- hour of clubhead speed comes mainly from taking a balanced setup, sequencing his downswing, and fully releasing the club. He said weekend players tend to overuse the muscles in their arms and hands at impact. Speed must build, he writes. When he reaches the hitting zone, he lets the clubhead whip through the ball with the speed he stored throughout his backswing and downswing. Trying to steer or “hit” the ball only disrupts the club’s momentum, he writes, saying that leads to shorter, weaker drives.

Golf Swing

4. Focus On the Hips.

Rotating the body is important, according to Golfweek. Rather than rotate, many golfers allow their hips to sway during the golf swing, which can lead to various mishits. Make sure the right hip does not move laterally during the backswing. Golfers can start to develop a more consistent swing if they can rotate their hips without the right hip moving sideways.

5. Importance of the Finish.

Finau writes that the higher and more balanced the swing is at the end, the longer the drive will be. A full finish — with the right shoulder closer to the target than the left and the left leg fully extended — can result in some strong clubhead speed. Flaring the left foot toward the target at address is important because that makes it easier to turn into a comfortable finish while keeping the left foot planted on the ground.

Golf Swing Finish

The Myrtle Beach area is home to a ton of golf courses for all skill levels. It is one of the fastest-growing golf destinations. Visit and start planning your next golf trip in Myrtle Beach today.

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