Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Summer Aeration Schedule

Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Summer Aeration Schedule

Putting on an aerated green is like driving on a road with endless potholes. No one likes it, but the maintenance staff at the golf course will have the greens in flawless condition a lot faster than the city road crew will fix your side street.

Aerating greens on golf courses is necessary, especially on the well-groomed golf courses of Myrtle Beach, because it allows more oxygen into the ground, enabling healthy root growth. Once or twice a year, greens are aerated to help ensure firm, well-paced greens the rest of the year. Without aeration, greens can become too soft and unreceptive to mowers and foot traffic.

Luckily for vacationers and golfers in the Myrtle Beach area, the high density of golf courses on the Grand Strand allows smart golfers to avoid having to see that dreaded grid of tiny aeration holes completely. With nearly 75 courses available, you can rest easy knowing that plenty of courses will be in ideal playing condition during your golf vacation. When you are planning your trip, simply check with each course with which you’re booking a tee time to confirm whether the greens are being aerated when you plan to play. (Some of the courses close during the maintenance process, so you won’t be able to book a time.) A simple phone call is all it takes. Double check with the courses before you book and your trip will be full of amazing golf and aeration-free!

Here is the schedule for a few Myrtle Beach golf courses, but we recommend calling all of the courses on your itinerary just to confirm the dates have not changed.

Aeration Schedule:

So remember as you’re prepping your golf game for your next visit to Myrtle Beach area golf courses, plan your schedule ahead of time to make sure you’ll be putting on greens that are more like a freshly paved highway than a cobblestone road.

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