Myrtle Beach Will Host Two Major Mini-Golf Tournaments This Spring

Myrtle Beach Will Host Two Major Mini-Golf Tournaments This Spring

The highest-level mini-golf players around deserve some props in the Golf Capital of the World, too.

North Myrtle Beach is set to host both the South Carolina Open and the U.S. Open this season. The S.C. Open will be a five-round tournament at Aloha Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach on April 20, 2023. The U.S. Open will be at Aloha Mini Golf’s North Myrtle Beach location, on April 21-22. 

Registration is $150 for the U.S. Open and $100 for the S.C. Open.

Wait, Mini-Golf as a Professional Sport? Yes!

It’s a fun family pastime in the United States, where visitors hit the various links on vacation, traversing pirates, and other fun themes. In Europe, mini-golf players have been competing for real since the 1930s. There is even a movement to make it an Olympic sport!

Myrtle Beach gets props as the World’s Golf Capital because of its top-notch courses. From North Myrtle Beach to the South Strand, the facilities here are unique and picturesque. The Grand Strand’s weather makes it an ideal landing place for players year-round.

As golf has become part of Myrtle Beach’s identity, so too has its scaled-down sibling. There are 50 mini-golf courses here. They’ve been the setting for dates, socialization, and family competition for 100 years.

About Aloha Mini Golf

These courses are among the finest on the Grand Strand. 

  • Aloha Golf, Myrtle Beach (900 Lake Arrowwood Road): The signature facility of the brand. This location features three excellent golf courses in an island setting. One is an air-conditioned, indoor course on an upper level! It’s also the site of the annual Masters’ Tournament. This year, it’ll be Oct. 3-7.
  • Aloha Golf, North Myrtle Beach (4205 Route 17 South): It’s also island-themed. With two layouts and constant music playing, you will surely have a great time. It’s good value, well-maintained, and lots of fun. You can also buy trophies at this location.

Other Top Courses on the Grand Strand

Neither course has the stereotypical windmills spinning, but there are some fun themes.

  • JURASSIC MINI GOLF: It features two seasonal courses, Ice Age and Predator. Play among animated dinosaurs at this clean and pleasant site. The staff is friendly and accommodating.
  • CAPTAIN HOOK’S ADVENTURE GOLF: The two courses feature characters from Peter Pan. It’s a family favorite and well-maintained, with discounted rates offered. 
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