Play and Save: Myrtle Beach Golf on a Budget

Drive, Don’t Fly

While flying certainly can save time, driving can seriously curtail the expenses incurred by getting to Myrtle Beach, especially if the rest of your favorite foursome is on board for the trip.  This is especially reasonable for visitors who live within eight to ten hours (by car) of the Grand Strand—as far north as Richmond or as far west as Tennessee—although many annual visitors from the Northeast, the Midwest and even Canada will pile into the car for their trips. Split the cost of gas four ways, take turns driving and sleeping and the longer journey will be well worth the savings.

Off-Peak Play

You are in prime position to pay comparatively little for your Myrtle Beach golf vacation if you come during off-peak times of the year and/or play at off-peak times of the day. The most expensive rounds of golf are to be played in the months of March, April, October and November but the courses are in fine shape throughout the summer months and winters are very mild (2011-2012 winter saw numerous days of high temperatures in the 70s in Myrtle Beach!).

Also, many courses offer the expected twilight-rate discounts (it is eminently possible to begin a round at 4:30 pm in the summer and finish well before dark, especially if your group doesn’t lollygag around the golf course), a number of courses offer discounts of up to 35% off tee times booked for earlier than 8:15 or 8:30 am throughout the year. These times are especially choice for golf-junkie groups who like to play 27, 36, even as many as 54 holes in a day.

Inexpensive Eats and Sleeps

Once again, off-peak times are great for snagging great deals on accommodations. Staying on the beach in during mild winter weeks can be wonderful and with less traffic, parking and driving are especially enjoyable.

Myrtle Beach also boasts a number of restaurants that serve good, inexpensive food. Sure, there are the New York Primes and Aspen Grilles that are fine-dining staples, but a little research can send your group to places like Hog Heaven BBQ in Pawleys Island or Prosser’s in Murrells Inlet, which are two of the best pure-Southern lunches you can find. Also, many golf courses offer free breakfasts, lunches and beers with your rounds.

As always, a little research can uncover great savings and lead to a golf trip that rivals most-peak-time journeys. The breadth of choices of golf, lodging and food in Myrtle Beach make it the ideal place for a spur-of-the-moment trip at any time of year.

Posted 1/2/13

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