Rates and Pricing


RATES AND PRICING  Regrettably, since the Myrtle Beach Golf Association doesn’t sell golf vacations, golf packages or tee times we cannot provide any rates or pricing. We do have a cross-section of 40 area golf courses that we track in order to provide the golfers with an overview of the prevailing average prices for morning and afternoon green fees, cart fees and taxes. One can find this information on the MBGA.COM crawl, which runs across the top of the MBGA Home, Course Directory, Player’s Top 20 and Basement pages. Remember, the crawl only reflects ‘today’s’ rates, and have no bearing on what rates will be during your golf vacation.

For lots of rates go to http://www.golfholiday.com/planner.cfm and get a copy of the tacky golf vacation planner you’ll find there. You will find more prices in that thing than you can swallow, but keep in mind that all of their prices are high, and that you can do a whole lot better on your own. Use their prices as your starting point for your bargaining, and remember, that the odds are that if you find any low rates in that planner they are likely to be “bait and switchers.”


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