Single Tee Courses


SINGLE TEE COURSES  There are only a very few single tee golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area, because they are not as profitable as courses that have the capability to double tee, nor are they as convenient for the golfers. No “pit stops” at the turn for food or beverages, pro shop purchases (balls, rain gear, etc.), opportunities to grab something out of their vehicles or for the all important calls of nature. These courses, instead, depend on beverage cart service, but realistically there might not be any available during iffy weather, late afternoon play, during the winter or during slow periods.  

While single tee courses have halfway houses (for girls that don’t go all the way – old joke, couldn’t resist, sorry) and restrooms – a couple of them are actually heated in the winter, but you’re taking your chances on the halfway houses being open during the slow times. 

While there is no standard policy as to tee times on single tee courses they usually tee off continuously from 7:00 AM to about 3:00 PM, during standard time (late October through early April), and from 7:00 AM to about 5:00 PM during daylight saving time (early April through late October). 

The single teed courses include Barefoot – Fazio and Norman, Myrtlewood – Palmetto, Panther’s Run, Tiger’s Eye, and Wild Wing – Avocet.


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