Top 5 Reasons Golf in Myrtle Beach is Better than Anywhere Else

There’s a reason they call Myrtle Beach “GolfTown USA.” In addition to the many awards and accolades from major golf publications and groups declaring the Grand Strand the No. 1 golf destination in America, Myrtle Beach also carries the popular vote by welcoming millions of golfers each year to play on our lovely links. There are many factors that make Myrtle Beach the best place to play, both on and off the course, but here are the top five:

* Affordability: Some expensive golf resorts snobbily refer to Myrtle Beach as the Wal-Mart of golf, a back-handed compliment but one that admits we are No. 1. Haters gonna hate. But what they are really saying is the same spin used to sell every overpriced product – by putting down the more affordable and equal or superior alternative. The truth is, with nearly 100 golf courses on the Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach offers a greater variety of golf courses, so those who want to play only the most elite layouts, those who want play quality golf on a budget, and those who are in between can find exactly what they are looking for.

* Climate: For golfers living in the North, it's too cold for golf about six months out of the year. If you want to play in Florida, the other six months are like swinging the sticks in a sauna. Located about midway between the two, golf is a year-round activity in Myrtle Beach. Sure, the milder spring and fall golf seasons are the most popular times to play due to the more moderate temperatures, but the summer and winter seasons are great times to beat the crowds and save some bucks. The courses closer to the coast stay cooler during the hotter days and warmer during the colder days thanks to a sea breeze that is affected by the ocean temperature.

* Hospitality: You don't have to be from the South to provide or appreciate Southern hospitality. While the seaside South Carolina town is famous for its genuine and warm treatment of its guests, a comforting attitude that believes a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. Expect that level of service in Myrtle Beach, where courses go the extra mile to make you smile. Visiting golfers are greeted warmly and treated like royalty in a competitive golf market that understands that you have options. That's why so many package golfers find themselves visiting the same links year after year.

* Off-course play: Even the most avid golfers can only spend about half their time in Myrtle Beach on the golf course, and you couldn't pick a better location to spend the other half. Whether you want to relax in your comfortable oceanfront accommodations or experience the great entertainment, dining, shopping and nightlife, Myrtle Beach has you covered. Unlike many golf resorts that roll up the sidewalks after sundown, you can hit the town with your golf buddies or keep the family occupied while you sneak off to the golf course on the Grand Strand.

* Scenery: One of the best things about golf in Myrtle Beach is also one of the best things about the Grand Strand. The natural beauty and diverse terrain of the area serve as scenic backdrops for area courses, from the tidal creeks and salt marshes of the Lowcountry layouts to the links along the oceanfront and Intracoastal Waterway. The wetlands and woodlands of the Carolina coast offer a unique golf opportunity that ensures an enjoyable round regardless of your score.

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