Will These Newly-Launched Golf Products Become Classics?

Will These Newly-Launched Golf Products Become Classics?

Every year, golf brands release products to capture your attention.

And every year, avid golfers give these brand-new items a try. Which releases are flashes in the pan? Which are flashes of brilliance?

We took a look at a few favorites.

MIZUNO ST-Z 230 AND ST-X 230 DRIVERS | $499 each

This trusted brand wants you to think of them as an irons-only name. Will these drivers, available in February, work?

THE BUZZ: The ST-Z 230 and ST-X 230 replace the ST-220 series, with a boost in technology. Mizuno’s CORTECH chamber will help these drivers pick up faster ball speeds — as much as half a mile per hour faster.

THE VERDICT: More ball speed is good. More ball speed with less spin because of a design change means greater distance, too. Nice investment.


Create the look you want, rather than searching for it. The Make It Yours service is soaring in popularity.

THE BUZZ: This is a quality bag outside of the customization options. You can pick from six colors for a removable saddle and strap, and optional customization. The saddle also has two pockets and is removable.

THE VERDICT: Recommended. The STITCH touring fabric is proprietary. It’s lightweight and water-resistant and weighs only 57 ounces.


The brand has put a great deal of work into a new ball for 2023, enhanced from tee to green.

THE BUZZ: It’s an overhaul of the cover, core, and construction. The HyperElastic SoftFast Core will allow you to drive the ball faster. It’ll feel softer off irons and in your short game. The hybrid cover promotes distance and spin, too.

THE VERDICT: Grab a box. The ball offers better wedge control without sacrificing distance. And they’ll be durable, too.


We recommend upgrading your wedge. The Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore works wonders in dry and wet conditions.

THE BUZZ: HydraZip has dynamic face blasts and laser lines to boost friction. This technology means better spin consistency in all conditions. We’re talking about 43% more spin, according to R&D testing, over the previous models.

THE VERDICT: If you find yourself in the rough often, this can become an asset. UltiZip technology helps you control and maintain consistency, as well.


Identification of players who don’t use this is easy: Look for the ones with dripping wet clothes.

THE BUZZ: It’s waterproof and UV-protected. It’s spacious: a 68-inch double canopy also allows for more airflow. It even comes with an area to hang a towel to dry your grips, or yourself! The handle is foam and rubber for comfort.

THE VERDICT: Get it. The simple button release alone is worth it. It features an extra-secure structure to keep it locked, collapsed or extended.

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