Winter Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

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Winter Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Why are we stopping our golf game when the weather cools?

With a bit of preparation, winter golf can be as good as the summer version. By minding a few tips, your game won’t suffer — and you’ll be in good shape come spring to keep rolling.

Winter golf in Myrtle Beach is a season many players look forward to.

Fast Facts About Winter Golf

It’s like summer golf, but with a pullover, right? That’s part of it. Here’s a bit more you might not have known.

  1. Putting greens might close. It’s to protect them. Grand Strand courses will take a good freeze to cover the Bermudagrass greens.
  2. Winter rules apply. You’re allowed to lift, clean, and place your ball within 6 inches of its resting spot in closely mown areas. This rule can vary.
  3. There’s a thing called winter golf. English novelist Rudyard Kipling invented it in the late 1800s. He lived in Vermont at the time. He’d paint golf balls red and hit them into buried cans in the snow.

5 Tips for Your Most Successful Winter Golf Game

Take a few pointers to keep your scores low and your body from taking a toll!

1. Layer Up

Tough guys (and ladies!) want to truck around the course in their spring attire. Smart guys (and ladies!) will wear long pants and a quarter-zip pullover to stay warm and move freely. Check the weather and make the right choices.

TRY THIS: Start with base layers. Moisture-wicking thermals and poly-pro shirts trap heat. You’ll be glad you wore long underwear, too.

2. Practice Indoors

You might have to hit off rubber mats during winter play. It helps preserve the turf. Practice inside whenever possible to avoid this. Golf simulators are a nice idea, such as Precision Golf in Socastee. Save outdoor exposure for tee times.

TRY THIS: Ever tried the yardstick drill? Putt a ball from one end of the yardstick to the other. You’re starting the putt online if it runs to the other end. Anything else indicates a push or pull.

3. Don’t Keep Score

USGA handicap rules state you can’t post scores in the winter. So, play. It’s all about getting reps and keeping your swing loose. Are your poor shots ruining your round? Not in the offseason. Relax and play.

TRY THIS: Try a new wedge in these score-free winter months. It’s a nice opportunity to focus on how the club plays rather than its relation to par.

4. Chip and Putt at Home

The carpet isn’t as fast as a true green, but it’s close enough. It’s as simple as having a hallway and a coffee mug at the far end. You’ll stay close to your short game in case getting to the course isn’t as easy for you.

TRY THIS: Remember these principles rather than tapping a ball down the hall. Control, grip, stance, swing, and strategy.

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5. Adjust Your Putting Perception

Longer grass and wetter surfaces add friction when your ball rolls. Putts are slower and don’t break as much. The more you practice, the better you’ll adjust when elements change.

TRY THIS: Keep golf balls in your pocket. Play with the ball that is warmer. It’ll fly farther than a cold one.

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