15 Golf Podcasts that Cover Every Facet of the Game

There are many great sources of golf information, insight and instruction – magazines, websites, television and talk radio shows – but one of the most overlooked and underrated is the podcast. Once considered the poor man’s way to host his own show, podcasts have increased in popularity and production quality over the past decade to become a primary source of “info-tainment” for golfers. Most podcats are commercial-free, offering straight talk about the hottest topics in the game. They’re also convenient for tuning in anytime and anywhere on your computer, smart phone or MP3 player.

Myrtle Beach Golf has a few favorite podcasts that cover all facets of the game. From self-help tips and industry chatter to PGA Tour news and fantasy golf, these top-15 podcasts touch all the bases:

Golf Channel’s David Faherty (art19.com/shows/golf-channel):

Faherty’s shoot-from-the-hip style and a cutting sense of humor make this one of the most popular podcasts regardless of topic. With the backing of Golf Channel’s deep resources, Faherty interviews big names in the game and tackles tough topics. Faherty has even brought his show to Myrtle Beach for the World Amateur Handicap Pro-Am Championship.

Golf Science Lab (golfsciencelab.com/category):

This bimonthly podcast approaches the game of golf from a more scientific standpoint, focusing on body mechanics and biometrics to finely tune your swing.

Golf Talk Live (blogtalkradio.com/golftalklive):

One of the most popular golf podcasts on the web features host Ted Odorico and a strong lineup of experts ranging from swing coaches to clubmakers.

Golf.com Podcast (soundcloud.com/golf_podcast):

Hosts Alan Shipnuck and Sean Zak give viewers access to inside info and interviews with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the game, from big-name players to big-time personalities.

Golficity (golficity.com/golf-podcast):

This monthly podcast is a must for folks who play fantasy golf. News and predictions provide great insight into which golfers to add and drop from your lineup.

GolfSmarter (golfsmarter.com/category/podcast):

Perhaps the top instructional podcast in the game, GolfSmarter features tips, practice drills and insight from top teaching professionals to help improve your skills.

Me and My Golf (https://meandmygolf.com/category/podcast):

Hosts Andy Proudman and Piers Ward break down the swing and teach proper techniques on this monthly podcast. These guys have more than 150,000 followers on Facebook so they must know what they are talking about.

Plugged In Golf (https://pluggedingolf.com/category/podcast/):

Plug in to this show for excellent instruction and tips. Featuring knowlegable guests offering pro-level perspectives, this podcast is a great place to pick up some sound advice.

SeeMore Putters (buzzsprout.com/318260):

It may be hard to believe there could be a podcast dedicated to the art of putting, but the most frustrating part of the game is broken down and diagnosed by the experts on what they call “The Putting Couch.”

ShackHouse (art19.com/shows/shackhouse):

Don’t let the name fool you; this isn’t some cheap knockoff of “Caddyshack.” The blended moniker comes from hosts Geoff Shackelford and Joe House, who provide the latest golf news and hot interviews in their entertaining weekly podcast.

Talking Golf Getaways (player.fm/series/talking-golfgetaways-your-golf-getaways-podcast):

Co-hosted by Myrtle Beach’s own Mitch Laurence and Darin Bunch, Golfers can catch up on what’s happening on the Grand Strand golf scene and other golf destinations.

The 19th Hole Golf Show (sportsnet.ca/590/the-golf-show):

The aptly named 19th Hole Golf Show is a lot like the post-round discussions your foursome has over a couple of beers at the clubhouse bar. Host Ryan Ballengee serves up in-depth conversations and light-hearted bantar about the hottest topics in the game.

The Golfers’ Journal (golfersjournal.com/podcast):

Popular among golf purists, this bimonthly podcast cuts through the latest high-tech tools and psycho-babble and focuses on the basics of the game.

The Par Train (thepartrain.com):

All aboard this hilarious monthly podcast that brings humor from the fairways to the air waves. Golfers/comedians delve into the funny side of the game.

Those Weekend Golf Guys (audioboom.com/channel/those):

Casual golfers appreciate the witty interchange between longtime radio personality John Ashton and PGA pro Jeff Smith. Weekend hacks get tips and insight from more experienced players.

Now that you have found the sources of knowledge, tune in and use the info to get ready for your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

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