3 Reasons the PGA Tour Superstore Should Be Your Myrtle Beach Golf Equipment Hub

The Myrtle Beach area is an all-golf, all-the-time type of place. Yes, it’s home to some 100 golf courses, and it’s also the mini-golf capital of the world. Finally, there are a number of massive golf stores that attract thousands of visitors and locals annually. After all, if you’ve just three-putted six greens, it might be time to buy a new putter, right?

Two of the Grand Strand’s very best golf stores are outposts of the legendary PGA Tour Superstore franchise. With locations across from Broadway at the Beach and in North Myrtle Beach, the PGA Tour Superstore is the best place for your golf equipment needs and desires. Its list of advantages is as long as Dustin Johnson’s tee shots, but for brevity’s sake, we’ve narrowed it down to three:

Massive Scale
The first thing that grabs the attention of the first-time PGA Tour Superstore visitor is the store’s sheer size. Both Myrtle Beach locations are more than 100,000 square feet in size, which gives the golfer excited heart palpitations and the confidence that if (s)he’s looking for it, it can be found. A sensible layout (golf balls are at the front, so a quick in-and-out pit stop is very doable if necessary) and friendly staff make everything easy to find.

Clubs, balls, apparel, accessories … an incredible variety of each is on offer at the PGA Tour Superstore. Looking to score the new TaylorMade M1 driver? They’ve got a bunch. Hoping to compare a couple models of the latest Scotty Cameron putter line? It’s more than doable. Need a new glove? You’ll have an incredible selection to choose from. The same goes for golf balls, pants, shorts, shirts, socks and more.

Last but not least, not to jinx you, but if you find yourself rained out of golf one day, there’s no better place to kill some time than the PGA Tour Superstore, wandering the aisles in search of that game-changing club or device.

Reasonable Prices
The huge-scale operation that is the PGA Tour Superstore — which has dozens of locations across the country — is such that they are able to negotiate for the most competitive prices on their wares. Whereas pro shops are selling Titleist Pro V1s or other top-end golf balls for $60 or more per dozen, the PGA Tour Superstore sells them for less than $50, which is as low as you’re going to find anywhere. Furthermore, the sheer amount of product they need to move on an annual basis is such that amazing deals can be uncovered. Clearance racks can be a gold mine, and so can the used club racks. One of my friends bought a putter for $100 at the PGA Tour Superstore, only to find that it was worth upwards of $300.

Awesome Amenities
The PGA Tour Superstore is a truly immersive experience in golf-equipment shopping. In an age when custom fitting has become more and more important to the equipment selection and purchasing process, the PGA Tour Superstore has modernized to match the times. Multiple hitting bays with sophisticated launch monitors await the serious equipment geek and tinkerer alike, providing all the statistics necessary to determine which club-shaft-grip combos are going to help you take your game to the next level. That high-tech equipment isn’t just for testing, either: PGA Tour Superstores have staff on hand who can give lessons and swing advice with the help of high-speed camera systems. You can cure your slice and find your next driver, all at the same place.

Both Myrtle Beach-area locations also have expansive putting greens, where you can compare putters until you’ve found your new gamer. Again, if you can’t find it at the PGA Tour Superstore, it probably doesn’t exist.

The PGA Tour Superstore is one of many reasons to make Myrtle Beach your next golf destination.

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