3 Reasons to Make DICK’S Sporting Goods Your Golf-Equipment Source

Many of you have complimented our recent rundowns on two golf-specific Myrtle Beach retailers: PGA TOUR Superstore and Golfsmith.

Unfortunately, you may have heard the news recently that Golfsmith filed for bankruptcy and will be closing a number of its retail outlets. One of these casualties is the Golfsmith Xtreme location across from North Myrtle Beach’s PGA TOUR Superstore (longtime area visitors know the spot as a former Golf Dimensions). That said, Myrtle Beach’s main Golfsmith store will remain open, but ultimately will be run by the company that recently acquired Golfsmith: DICK’S Sporting Goods.

It turns out that DICK’S already has a Myrtle Beach location, at Coastal Grand Mall. If you find yourself hanging around in that area, here are three reasons to stop in:

The essentials (especially if you’re short on time)
Whereas the likes of Myrtle Beach’s PGA TOUR Superstore, and even the smaller Golfsmith, are so big that they’re easy to get lost in, DICK’S golf section is modest while still making available pretty much anything you need for golf on an everyday basis. Need to stock up on golf balls, or maybe pick up a new glove? DICK’S is the perfect venue for that. Looking to get your putter re-gripped quickly? The golf specialists at DICK’S are equipped to do that for you. Plus, you can browse their selection of the major golf items — clubs, bags, shoes, clothing and accessories — while you wait.

A perfect location
Myrtle Beach’s DICK’S Sporting Goods outpost sits at one end of the huge, well-appointed Coastal Grand Mall. That means it can provide a nice golf-shopping oasis while in the midst of a family outing. In this kind of situation, it’s a great alternative to PGA TOUR Superstore and Golfsmith because those other locations are stand-alone structures. But at DICK’S, while you get your golf fix, you can let the family wander into one of dozens of other shops on the premises. Or not, because …

More than just golf
This may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that DICK’S Sporting Goods itself is an incredibly varied store. Sure, the PGA TOUR Superstore has a small tennis section, but DICK’S has it all. This is especially true of apparel: Their selection of shoes, workout clothing and other athletic wear is awesome, especially in and around the golf department. Finally, the wider scope at DICK’S can facilitate better deals than you might find anywhere else, especially if you enroll in their rewards program.

All in all, DICK’S Sporting Goods in Myrtle Beach represents a great source for golf goods, along with a ton of other stuff.

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