A True Review Through Our “I”s: Indigo Creek, International, Indian Wells

It’s the big name golf courses that tend to attract the most attention from golfers, the press and writers like me. But I think what truly makes Myrtle Beach golf truly special are the hidden gems, the courses that are off the beaten path. Indigo Creek Golf Club, International Club of Myrtle Beach and Indian Wells Golf Club are located just to the south of Myrtle Beach in the Garden City/Murrells Inlet area. They’re not the newest, shiniest or most classic golf courses in South Carolina’s Grand Strand, but they offer fun accessible golf for tourists and locals alike. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of each course.

Indian Wells

It’s an older course that’s gone through some renovations, but still stands as a solid golf test. The cart paths aren’t perfect. The greens are Tour-fast, maybe too fast for some when they’re really humming. There aren’t as many amenities as you’ll see at the prestigious courses in the area, but the pro shop is in good condition. You may not see the beverage cart as often as you wish. When it comes to the main reason you go to Indian Wells – the golf – you’re in for a pretty challenging round. There’s a lot of water on this course. The length is somewhat average, clocking in at 6,624 yards from the blue tees.

Indigo Creek

This Lowcountry course offers a fun time at an affordable price. When you say a course has an affordable price, you have to understand the conditions are not going to be perfect. The bunkers may not always be in pristine condition, and the greens may not be as smooth as other courses in the area. But there’s a lot of natural beauty on the course. From natural water and creeks to towering oaks, the course paints a pretty picture. The length is similar to Indian Wells, measuring 6,747 from the blue tees. Not perfect by any means, but a fun, accessible course.

International Club

When it comes to the “I”s, we may have saved the best for last. International Club is known as a favorite among locals. The course is always in good shape, and presents a good challenge to golfers of all skill levels. Measuring in at nearly 6,900 yards from the back tees, it presents a little more length than the other courses. Water comes into play on most holes. Greens are fast, but fair. There’s a ton of natural beauty on this course as well, with lakes, ponds, pines and oaks providing a beautiful backdrop for your round. With all of this quality, International Club still comes in at a reasonable price. That’s why the locals play here, and that’s why visitors who find this course enjoy it too.

Final Analysis

You shouldn’t have a bad time at any of these courses in the Myrtle Beach area. You’re on vacation, you’re away from the office and you’re in some beautiful weather. While these courses may not be five-star gems like some of the others nearby, it’s likely that these courses are nicer than what most golfers are used to at home. That’s what’s truly special about the golf in Myrtle Beach. These may be considered middle-of-the-pack courses at the Beach, but they can still be top of the line to you and me. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting a tee time, and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a deal. That all adds up to an all around great golf experience!

(posted 12/29/14)

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