Avoid The Myrtle Beach Tour


AVOID THE MYRTLE BEACH TOUR  With the over 100 golf courses in the area, loosely defined as Myrtle Beach, which stretches over an area approximately 80-miles long (from Southport, North Carolina, on the north, to Georgetown, South Carolina, on the south), and approximately 20-miles wide (from the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Aynor community on the west), the inexperienced golfer can find themselves driving past 20 golf courses, only minutes from where they are staying, trying to get to a course that could be up to 90-minutes away.

As a rule the golf packagers and lodging properties don’t think twice about how long, or far, golfers have to drive in order to get to a golf course, nor do they care. In fact, they’d happily send you to Charleston if they could make an extra buck off of a course there. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the golfers always confirm the driving time and mileage between their lodging property and the courses before booking any tee times. If it’s more than a 40-minute drive – forget it!


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