Bringing The Kids To Play Golf In Myrtle Beach? Here’s Why That’s An Awesome Idea

Myrtle Beach is one of the world’s best golf destinations because it’s great for all types of visiting golfers – younger, older, large groups, couples and especially families. In fact, Myrtle Beach is home to some of the most family-friendly fairways on the planet. This might be a bold statement, but we’re prepared to back it up.

Incredible Value
The presence of a hundred-odd golf courses in the greater Myrtle Beach area means a wealth of opportunities for golfing families that cater to every age and skill level. Young, true beginners will have fun at Myrtle Beach’s par-3 courses, while more experienced junior players can sharpen their game from the shorter tees at the rest of the area’s golf offerings.

Even more important than the variety golf offerings in Myrtle Beach is the incredible value. Many courses in the area offer deeply reduced rates for juniors playing alongside their parents. In fact, kids can play for free during specified times of day at a number of area courses, depending on the season. In a time when seemingly everyone in golf is trying to figure out how to grow the game, Myrtle Beach has long practiced a policy that makes the game accessible for both parents and kids.

The most popular time to bring the family to Myrtle Beach also happens to be one of the less busy golf seasons – summertime. Slightly warmer temperatures mean fewer crowds and lower rates. Countless young golfers have cherished memories of playing 18 holes during golden hour. You can tee off with your young players around 4 or 5 o’clock in the evening and finish just as the sun sets.

Competitive Spirit
In addition to low rates for junior golfers at area courses, Myrtle Beach is home to a number of major competitive junior golf events every year. There’s the George Holliday Memorial Junior Tournament, held every November at the three courses at Myrtle Beach National Golf Club. In April of 2017, Caledonia and True Blue, two of Myrtle Beach’s most pristine course, play host to the Palmetto High School Golf Championship. And there’s the newest area junior golf tournament, the Dustin Johnson World Junior. This prestigious event will be held at the end of February at TPC Myrtle Beach. This just happens to be Johnson’s home course on the Grand Strand.

Variety, affordability and a competitive atmosphere are just some of the qualities that make Myrtle Beach such a sought after place for junior golfers and families of all skill levels. Here’s hoping that other great golf destinations continue to see it as a model and a beacon for growing the game.

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