Can’t-Miss Holiday Gifts for the Golfer in Your Life


Looking for the perfect holiday present for the special golfer in your life? Excellent gift ideas can be found on this can't-miss shopping list of all things golf, from the hottest new clubs on the market to the coolest golf gadgets and toys. Rather than settling for an ugly golf sweater or a loud pair of plaid pants, check out these popular golf items that are making their way onto many wish lists this holiday season:

New-Age Putters
* Indianapolis Toulon Putter: At first glance, this uniquely shaped putter might look more like a gardening tool than something used to strike a golf ball, but this T-shaped putter is actually the result of the latest scientific advances in club-making. With a designed inspired by the nosecone on an Indy car racecar, the Indianapolis Toulon Putter makes it easier to line up a putt with precise center-of-gravity positioning for increased stability and roll. For more details, visit

* Bradley Putter Company: This outfit has only been in business for a little over a year, but it has already claimed a strong share of the putter market thanks to the innovative construction and design of its putters. After choosing burl wood for its natural hardness and low-density properties, and then using a process to remove the air in the wood and replace it with a hardening substance, Bradley Putters then saws and sands its putters by hand and puts all the pieces together on a drill press. See a full list of holiday specials at

High-Tech Toys
* Setup Eye: Many golfers struggle to retool their swing whenever they hit a slump, but often the issues are the result of poor alignment as opposed to poor mechanics. This hand-held device helps golfers lock in on the target and deliver the appropriate swing. Featuring a viewfinder that allows golfers to aim at their target and lock in its location, the Setup Eye is as easy as point, press, place … and hopefully ace. This high-tech hardware is available at

* StrackaLine: “Never misread another putt” (or so the ad promises) – a lofty claim for golfers who are tired of trying to eyeball the subtle breaks and slopes that can turn birdies into bogeys. Using patented 3D laser technology, the StrackaLine app provides real-time green readings that include the current pin placement. The only downside is there are no more excuses for missing those pesky 5-footers.

GPS Gadgets
* GPS Rangefinders: Global Position System (GPS) technology has made its way to the golf industry, with virtually every course now offering on-course assistance through various GPS gadgets. The advancement has many players fumbling with their cell phones, but the GoGolf GPS hands-free device offers top advice while clipped to your belt, hat or shirt. Use Bluetooth technology to get precise distances to the center of the green through the voice-activated program. Pick one up at Golfers also love the Bushnell Excel GPS Watch, which offers the same features from the convenience of your wrist. For more info, visit The Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinders provide a handy tool that helps golfers find the right line every time. See all the models at

Perfect Christmas “Packages”
* Myrtle Beach Golf Package: The ultimate gift for every golf lover involves a trip to the Grand Strand to play a few rounds in Golf Town USA. Myrtle Beach Golf offers the best deals on a wide variety of golf packages, from single rounds to week-long packages at some of the premier courses in the Myrtle Beach area. Packages also offer discounts on accommodations, food, drinks and, of course, tee times. Visit to see all the available options for a Grand Strand golf getaway.

Happy holiday shopping – and for once may the golfer in your life be excited to reach under a tree.

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