Create the Perfect Day: Surprise Yourself by Trying a Different Myrtle Beach Golf Course

Consistency is considered a virtue in the game of golf, but it can make life boring in the real world. Maintaining the same swing mechanics may make you some birdies and eagles on the links, but the same-ol’ same-ol’ won’t score you many points in the fun department.

That’s especially true in the ultimate golf destination of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which offers too much variety on and off the golf course to get stuck in a rut. Featuring more than 80 unique golf layouts and countless entertainment options on the 60-mile stretch of coast known as the Grand Strand, you owe it to yourself to try something different while visiting GolfTown USA.

Many longtime visitors to Myrtle Beach have learned what they like over the years, playing the same courses, dining at the same restaurants, staying at the same resort, and relaxing at the same 19th holes. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone. Who knows? You might even discover a new favorite course and post-round hangout.

In case you need a gentle nudge to break out of your Myrtle Beach golf routine, we’ve mapped out a way to create the perfect day in Myrtle Beach by mixing things up on and off the course:

Set a different course: It’s not uncommon for package players to return to the same courses year after year. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? However, you are missing out on dozens of different layouts that provide a more complete golf experience. Because of the Grand Strand’s diverse landscape, from wetlands and woodlands to tidal creeks and sandhills, Myrtle Beach area courses offer a variety of charms and challenges. Take time to check out some of the layouts you haven’t played before and read the reviews from fellow Fairway Insiders. Book at least one of your rounds with a course no one in your foursome has played before.

Stay & Play Combo: If you are brave enough to try a new golf course, maybe you can be even more adventurous and pick a different place to stay near the new layout. Myrtle Beach Golf’s Stay & Play Packages give golfers a wide selection of tee times and accommodations at some of the best venues in town. Instead of checking into the same place year after year, check out the Stay & Play packages with lots of great resorts, hotels, condos and golf villas to choose from. Guests can save even more by booking both lodging and tee times together.

Shake things up off the course: Many longtime visitors have found their favorite things to do in Myrtle Beach and stick with them. That’s a shame given all the outlets for fun on the Grand Strand. Myrtle Beach boasts an endless list off-the-course activities, such as recreation, theaters, shopping, dining and nightlife. Go shagging at the clubs on Ocean Drive, catch a show at The Carolina Opry, or feast at a new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. The Grand Strand has also grown to offer many new outlets for golfers, including the area’s first TopGolf, which will open this spring.

Limit your consistency to the links and learn to live a little after your round.The sum total of trying all these new things is the chance to discover something special that will create the perfect day in Myrtle Beach, and spice up your golf trips for many years to come.

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