DEPOSITS  While deposits are required to reserve lodging, tee times, etc. the policies in Myrtle Beach vary widely. Once again, deposit terms are highly negotiable because of the depressed market. We strongly advise golfers to never book any aspect of their travel, nor any other aspect or component of their vacation, except by credit card. If you foolishly elect to pay by personal check, or what’s even worse, to pay in cash, you’re really asking for trouble. Again, credit cards only! 

Don’t fall for the packagers or lodging properties spiel when they tell you that they need your full payment in advance in order for them “guarantee” your arrangements, because that’s 100% bovine excrement!  

Most packagers and lodging properties are notoriously slow payers, and sometimes the golf courses have to wait months before they get paid. That’s why they collect cart fees at the courses, so; at least they’ll have some cash flow. 

When booking any aspect of a Myrtle Beach golf vacation (or any other type of travel plans), we strongly recommend that golfers always ask exactly how much of their credit card limit the packager, lodging property or golf course will be putting on “hold.” If the amount exceeds $100 per person, dump ‘em.


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