Discover why Myrtle Beach Golf’s Second Season is Second to None

Myrtle Beach is getting ready to tee off its our fall “Second Season”, but golfers in the know understand that the upcoming autumn golf season is second to none.

Running September through November, the Second Season presents golfers the perfect time to visit the Grand Strand and enjoy all Myrtle Beach has to offer.

With the Second Season set to begin in a matter of weeks, now is the time to start making plans for a fall getaway to Myrtle Beach for you and your crew.

Myrtle Beach Golf has all the info you need to put together an amazing golf retreat to Myrtle Beach. Here are a few reasons you will love the Second Season:


It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. The summer months bring millions of tourists to town, jacking up the room rates and booking to near capacity. But once schools are back in session and most people are back to work, the Grand Strand has wide-open lodging options at top resorts for a fraction of the price. Book your Stay and Play Golf Package at one of Brittain Resort’s finest oceanfront resorts and save big bucks on accommodations.


Myrtle Beach Golf likes to sweeten the pot for golfers in the fall, including some incredible freebies to go along with the discounted tee times and accommodations. Depending on the package you pick, you can enjoy such bonus items as a $100 gift card, free rounds and room nights, and complimentary breakfast, lunch, drinks and merchandise.


The end of summer ushers in a stretch of pleasant weather conditions, with lower temperatures and humidity providing perfect playing conditions along the Carolina coast. The average temperatures in September see highs of 83 degrees and lows of 68, followed by October (75/57) and November (67/48). The mild temps and low humidity make it a great time to play golf, and to explore all the fun things to do on the Grand Strand after your round.


Myrtle Beach golf courses are in peak playing condition in the fall. Although the spring season can be a little slow in recovering from the chilly winter months, the autumn months are ideal from start to finish. After a blistering hot summer, the fall features lush fairways and firm greens from tee to hole.


Myrtle Beach Golf can help you find the lowest tee times possible, but that’s not the only way you will save money by visiting during the Second Season. In addition to finding lower room rates and greens fees, golfers will discover that many of the things to do during your stay – from restaurants to attractions – offer bigger discounts after the summer rush. From happy hour specials at local bars to discounted admission, you will save like a pro.


The Second Season provides plenty of playing options for visiting golfers at the 80-plus golf courses on the Grand Strand. Semi-private clubs make more tee times available for non-members during the fall season, and all the courses open for midday play after being blocked out in the heat of the summer.


The Second Season’s combination smaller crowds and lower temperatures create an overall comfortable time to visit Myrtle Beach. Not only will you be cooler on the course, but the conditions off the links include less traffic congestion on the roads, shorter waits at restaurants and attractions, and a laid-back atmosphere that will make you want to extend your stay.

The Second Season awaits you and your friends, family and foursome, so start making your plans for a Myrtle Beach Golf getaway this fall and discover the magic of the Second Season.

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