Dressing for Myrtle Beach Summer Golf Means Staying Cool, Looking Cool

Dressing for success on the golf course in the summertime means staying comfortable in the heat. Function outranks fashion when it comes to your summer golf wardrobe, but with a little common sense and style sense, it’s possible to feel cool and look cool at the same time.

Whether you are planning your next golf getaway with Myrtle Beach Golf or knocking the ball around at your local muni, it’s important to wear the right clothing and select the best gear before you hit the hot links this summer. Although we have no statistical data to back up this claim, there certainly seems to be a direct link between the temperature under your collar and the total on your scorecard.

Despite a cooling sea breeze off the Atlantic Ocean and some comfortable early morning and late afternoon tee times, Myrtle Beach is not immune to the summer heat. Visiting golfers should pack the appropriate attire or take advantage of the many golf stores and outlets on the Grand Strand to find the perfect outfit. Here’s a quick summer checklist to keep you cool on the course from head to toe:

* Headware: Sporting a ball cap or bucket hat with a large brim can help keep the sun out of your eyes and cut down on glare, but ones made of the wrong material can actually trap heat rather than letting your head vent. Columbia makes a Bora Bora Boonie hat that offers Omni Shade UPF 50 protection and features a sweatband and nylon mesh. ONeill makes a variety of straw hats with 360-degree brims, and Tilley’s Endurables Air Flo hat and Under Armour’s ArmourVent caps are great for keeping you cool where it counts.

* Sunglasses: The market is flooded with high-end sunglasses designed to help you keep your focus and look stylish – Nike Golf X2, Adidas Kumacross, Oakley Flak, Under Armour Igniter, and more. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to pick up a pair of polarized shades that also look good. Mid-range sunglasses like the SunDog Prime and Tifosi Crit models sell for a fraction of the price while providing the same protection from the rays and reduction of glare.

* Shirts: The basic golf shirt is the popular choice, but not all are created equal. All the major golf outfitters offer their own versions of lightweight wick-wear material, which provide protection from the sun and allow your skin to breathe, but feel free to use your favorite all-cotton, lightweight golf shirt. Cutter & Buck and Izod Lacoste are among the best for both comfort and fashion. Ladies blouses are made for maximum comfort for a free swing. Avoid heavier fabrics and dark colors. White and pastels attract less sun rays.

* Pants: Most traditional golf khakis work just fine in the heat, and khakis shorts are even better on the courses that permit them. For golf purists, knickers are not as hot as some might think. Outfitters like GolfKnickers.com offer summer-friendly versions of the stylish knee-length pants made of lighter material. Make sure the matching socks are also made of a breathable material. Many golfers feel that the right knickers are ideal for summer play. Kilts and skirts for the ladies are also smart choices.

* Footwear: You don’t have to buy a special set of shoes just for summer, but you can help the cause by wearing a more breathable pair. Adidas, FootJoy, Nike and more make spikeless shoes that are designed with cool comfort in mind. Try all-cotton ankle socks in the summer for added air flow.

Now that you are dressed for the part, it’s time to put it all into practice with a summer golf trip to Myrtle Beach. Your new duds might not lower your handicap, but it will score you some summer fashion cool points.

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