Eagle Watch Golf Brings a New Form of Drama to Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

As wonderful as golf is, one criticism that tends to come up during wide-ranging discussions of the game is over a perceived lack of innovation at times. Part of that is by design – the traditions of golf are a crucial aspect of its long-term success, and are often what attracts people to the game in the first place.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for new ideas and technologies to make the game – especially while on vacation – even more fun.

One company has figured that out. It’s called Eagle Watch Golf, and its new golf technology can make your next vacation round fun and potentially very profitable.

What’s more, the company is operating at a number of Myrtle Beach courses.

You know how golf outings will tend to have a designated par 3 where a hole-in-one can earn a lucky golfer a pile of cash? PGA Tour golfer Jason Bohn famously kick-started his career when he won a million dollars for an ace in one of these situations.

The only logistical drawback to this: Someone has to sit at that hole all day to serve as an authentic witness to the miracle shot.

Eagle Watch serves as that witness at normal, everyday golf courses by mounting a sophisticated, always-rolling video camera behind the green of a par 3. If you want a chance to win the company’s ever-escalating jackpot, simply download its free app and enter the contest, which costs either $5 or $10, depending on your level of participation. If you make an ace, the camera will capture and verify it, and you’ll win the jackpot. (Visit eaglewatchgolf.com to learn more.)

Eagle Watch Golf is currently active at more than 30 courses, mostly in major golf destination areas. Four of those courses are in the Myrtle Beach area: Blackmoor Golf Club, Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club, Shaftesbury Glen Golf & Fish Club and True Blue Golf Club. All four of these courses can be booked through MyrtleBeachGolf.com.

Want to pay for your next golf trip (potentially many times over) with one swing? Make sure to add these Myrtle Beach golf courses to your next golf trip itinerary!

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