Find Wildlife on the Myrtle Beach Links

There are many reasons why Myrtle Beach is one of the world’s best destinations for golfers. Among them are an incredible roster of great golf courses, hotel accommodations for any group type, size or budget, tons of attractions for the family — and the chance to see some exotic wildlife, particularly on the course.

Since you’re reading this on, you’re probably already familiar with these first three big reasons. The fourth, though, may be news to you. But it’s true: Especially if you stay on the lookout, you’re likely to see some awesome wildlife during your golf rounds. If you’re excited about seeing the area’s fauna, here are our recommendations for the best courses to find each of the most popular species.

It seems that almost every visitor to the Myrtle Beach area goes home with multiple cellphone photos of alligators they’ve seen on the course. These prehistoric-looking creatures are beloved by visitors in large part because of the danger they might seem to pose. In reality, they want to be left alone and won’t become aggressive without ample reason (getting between a female and her nest is an instant trouble-trigger). That said, if your ball comes to rest near the edge of a pond and a gator is sunning itself 10 feet away, don’t be a hero — drop another ball a safe distance away. A Pro V1 is not worth losing a hand.

Best golf courses to find them: The Dunes Golf & Beach Club (their logo includes a gator, after all), Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, Indian Wells Golf Club

Snowy Egrets and Great Blue Herons
The Grand Strand is one of the best places in the Southeast to catch sight of some majestic birds — waterfowl in particular. Snowy egrets, true to their name, are a stunning, pure white. A protected species, they are rebounding in population but are still a special sight. Great blue herons are a striking mix of blue, grey and black; they’re more common, but their size makes them no less fascinating, particularly when seen fishing.

Best golf courses to find them: Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club, River’s Edge Golf Club, Carolina National Golf Club


Raccoon Squirrels
Named for their grey-fur (occasionally black) bodies and black-fur heads, these squirrels are found on southern Grand Strand courses — so if you’re staying in the Pawleys Island area, you’re most likely to encounter a few of them. If you have any open food in your golf cart, kiss it goodbye, as these creatures are more clever than they look and are used to being fed by golfers. Don’t be one of those people — check them out, but don’t encourage them.

Best golf courses to find them: River Club, TPC Myrtle Beach, Litchfield Country Club

Alligators, egrets and squirrels, oh my! These are three of the many memorable animals you’re likely to see on a Grand Strand golf vacation. If seeing them is a secondary goal of your trip, be sure to consult the experts at They’ll point you in the right direction.

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