Five hours on a hot golf course? Five tips to stay cool

Five hours on a golf course in the Myrtle Beach sun can be a long day. When it’s 93 degrees and humid, five hours on the course can be downright brutal on your body. While Myrtle Beach is known for its amazing golf, it gets quite hot in the Grand Strand in the heat of summer. That’s why it’s essential to prepare yourself for the elements so you can fully enjoy your summer day on a Myrtle Beach golf course. Here are five ways to prepare for a hot day on the golf course:

1. Properly hydrate yourself days in advance of your trip to the golf course. If you’re trying to catch up on your fluid intake the morning of your round of 18, it’s too late to be fully hydrated and prepared. Start in advance by drinking plenty of water. Depending on your body weight and the amount of water you normally drink, you may need to increase your water intake to prepare yourself for the heat. On the course, be sure to drink plenty of water. It can help to alternate between water and sports drinks such as Gatorade or G2.

2. Set your style to cool by wearing light-colored clothes and a breathable lightweight hat. Many golf brands offer moisture-wicking apparel that keeps you cool on the course. Wearing a hat is helpful because it provides some protection from the hot sun.

3. Layer on the sunscreen. Five consecutive hours or so in the blazing heat is typically more than the most loyal sunbathers spend on the beach, so a high SPF sunblock is necessary for golfers. It’s a good idea to reapply at the turn, as you’re likely to sweat off some of the initial sunblock.

4. Pack some reinforcements. When it gets hot on the course, in addition replacing your sunscreen after nine holes, it may help to replace your golf shirt as well. Perhaps you can even intimidate your playing partner by saying, now I’m ready, this is my back-nine shirt! Another helpful backup item is a dry towel for the back nine.

5. Don’t forget to eat. Whether it’s a granola bar, banana or lunch after the front nine, you use a lot of energy on the golf course so be sure to replace it. There’s a reason why we see the pros having a snack while playing their rounds: it helps sustain energy over the course of 18 holes.

Most importantly, stay true to yourself when the forecast calls for hot weather. If the heat isn’t for you, stick to early morning tee times before the blazing sun reaches full power. If you don’t mind the heat, then follow these tips to stay cool on the golf course.


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