Five Tips for Planning Your Group’s Spring Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

There's nothing like taking a spring getaway to the Grand Strand with your golf buddies. Planning the trip can be a different story, unless you enlist the help of for the best deals on golf and accommodations in town.

Getting everyone in your group on the same page is the hard part, but the rest is a 2-foot gimme putt if you use our iGolf Quote system for instant access to all the best courses and accommodations on the Grand Strand. Choose from a long list of packages, or build your own dream trip by playing your favorite courses and staying at your preferred resort.

Although we're still in the early stages of winter, it's never too early to start the planning process. Not only is there more availability at the more than 80 golf courses and countless hotels, but a certain percentage of rounds and rooms are often set aside for special rates that aren't available on short notice; all the more reason to start the process now.

That may be easier said than done with some of your golf buddies. When it comes to planning your trip, every foursome seems to have the same personality types. There's the non-committal-type who will say anything to avoid giving a firm answer. There's the guy who talks a big game but is prone to backing out at the last minute. And there's the silent partner, the one who doesn't want to give any input to the courses or hotel; just tell him when and where to be there.

That leaves you, the unlucky organizer of the group. Now you have to try to pin down four or more people to agree on golf dates, courses, accommodations, price, transportation and even where to go to dinner. While we can't settle the great debate between steak or seafood (although surf and turf is a nice compromise), Myrtle Beach Golf can give you all the information you and your group needs to make your spring golf getaway a great one. Just follow these five simple tips:

E-mail: Sure, you can try calling each and every buddy one at a time but it's often a big waste of time. Or you can get everyone together for a few beers after a round of golf to discuss the details of the trip, but even that can turn into a rambling exercise in futility. We recommend putting everything in writing in a group email and have the group share ideas at their convenience without having to update everyone individually. Make deadlines for replies and solicit suggestions for courses and resorts.

Dates: The most important piece of information needed to plan your package are the dates. Your buddies are sure to have conflicts – weddings, kids' sporting events, work trips – but recommend a few weeks and see what works best for everyone. You will be surprised by how many dates you can eliminate and how quickly you can identify the best options. Give the group a final choice between two or three dates.

Golf Courses: Once you have the dates in mind, it's time to start shopping. There are more than 80 courses in the 60-mile stretch of Carolina coastline known as the Grand Strand, so you will have plenty of options for tee times. Ask your buddies about courses they have played before or heard about from others, and read reviews on all the local layouts at Be sure to get an idea if your group wants to book early or late tee times before booking.

Packages: If your group is fairly flexible on dates, times and courses, you can save a lot of money and time by checking out the available packages on Choose from several buy-three, get-one-free deals, and receive bonuses of free lunch, breakfast, drinks and up to $150 in gift certificates for picking certain packages.

Book it: Once you have gotten all the feedback you need from your friends, go to, plug in the information and come up with three or four options for the group to vote on. Set a deadline for a deposit so you won’t have to worry about any last-minute back-outs, and your work is done.

Leave the rest to the pros at Myrtle Beach Golf and get ready for a fun and memorable spring golf getaway with your buddies. 

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