Functional Fall Golf Wear

One thing you know about golf in Myrtle Beach in the summer: the weather is pretty consistent. It’s going to be hot, humid and there’s always a possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm. But in the fall, things are a little more unpredictable. There’s a really good chance that it could be 80 degrees, low humidity – absolutely perfect golf conditions. Realistically, fall golfers may face a brief shower that cools things off, then a burst of sunshine that heats things up again. In order to stay comfortable on the course, why not be prepared with functional fall golf wear. With all of the cool products on the market these days, you can be ready for any weather without packing a suitcase full of clothes for your afternoon on the course. Most of your favorite brands offer these products. Check out our fall golf necessities.

For light rain showers, most brands of golf pants that offer moisture wicking will serve use just fine, but when it’s a possibility for stronger rain, opt for a pair of rain pants. Rain pants are made to be loose-fitting, which allow you to easily slip them over your normal golf pants. This makes a world of difference when there’s a quick shower, because you can quickly remove them and be ready to finish out your round – in a dry state, instead of a waterlogged mess.

When it comes to keeping your upper half comfortable and dry, there are a number of fall weather options. Some golfers don’t mind a full pullover to protect them from the elements. Try a more tailored fit so the excess fabric doesn’t bother you during your swing. Other golfers prefer to have their arms free of distractions throughout their swing. If you fall into that category, a golf vest is a perfect option. A vest keeps you warm enough while leaving you without excuses if you make a bad swing. Then once the weather clears or warms up, you can easily remove the vest.

Any true golfer knows one of the most important areas to keep dry or warm during changing weather is your feet. Once your feet get wet, it’s all you can think about and even the best golfers can lose focus on their game. Whereas you might opt for a more breathable pair of kicks for your warm weather golf seasons, for fall golf, make sure you have shoes that are waterproof. If the forecast calls for potential rain, waterproof shoes can save your round. If you have a separate pair of golf shoes for bad weather, this will also keep your main pair of shoes in prime shape.

As a last resort, especially if you’re a walker, keep an umbrella in your bag for fall golf. You can find a lightweight umbrella at any good golf store. Even if you’re riding that day, a golf umbrella can block rain that the cart always seems to miss.

We certainly hope that your fall golf experience in Myrtle Beach is filled with postcard weather. As a matter of fact, if you come prepared with your fall golf gear, odds are the weather will be perfect.

(posted 9/12/14)
(photo courtesy: Fairway Threads)

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