Get a Free Golf Quick Quote, Win a Chance at a Free Golf Cart

Funny thing about the word “free” these days. It seems to come attached to so many bait and switch tricks that we have grown numb to the concept that someone would truly offer something for free. But Myrtle Beach Golf is doing just that with its latest Quick Quote promotion, and it could be worth a sweet grand prize.

For those unfamiliar with the Quick Quote function, it's a free and easy way to get a price on a customized golf package to the Grand Strand. You fill out some basic information, such as the number of golfers in your party and the number of rounds you would like to play, and Quick Quote provides you with a list of options ranging in price, courses, resorts and more. Pick a package that fits your needs, or submit a new set of dates to shop for different deals. The quote is absolutely free and there is no obligation to book.

Now there's one more reason to get a Quick Quote on a Myrtle Beach dream golf getaway – the chance to win a free customized golf cart. For a limited time, Myrtle Beach Golf is offering a brand new EZ Go golf cart, valued at more than $6,000, to folks who log on and submit a Quick Quote. You will be entered in the drawing and could be chosen to win the grand prize. Who cares if your golf game isn't quite up to snuff when you can arrive at the course in style behind the wheel of your very own, personally customized EZ Go golf cart.

In a way, everyone is a winner using Quick Quote to build a custom golf package. By having Myrtle Beach Golf's team of local golf directors construct the perfect package for you and your foursome, you can rest assured you are getting the lowest rates possible on both accommodations and tee times. Because of our special relationship with local courses and hotels, we can offer a 100 percent guarantee on providing the best rates in town so your Grand Strand golf vacation will be as affordable as it is enjoyable.

Let's say you only have a couple of days to get away and you have a specific list of courses and dates you would like to play. Simply sign up for a Quick Quote and let our team of golf directors know your desires. They can shop around to more than 70 golf courses and more than 20 resorts to make your wishes come true. But if you are flexible on dates, length of stay, courses and accommodations, that's where Quick Quote really pays off. Our experts shop around town for a wide variety of package plans you can choose from.

Best of all, you very well could become the proud owner of a new golf cart. The lucky winner will be selected from the pool of entrants who submit a Quick Quote, so be sure to tell your golf buddies about this opportunity. Have everyone in your foursome get a quote for your golf vacation and quadruple your odds of someone in your party puttering down the cart paths and turning heads with the customized design. Valued at more than $6,000, the golf cart can also pay off in a lifetime of saved cart fees.

It’s all part of Myrtle Beach Golf’s commitment to providing golfers with a playing vacation of their dreams. You worry about keeping the little white ball inbounds and let us take care of all the red tape and details by filling out a Quick Quote today.

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