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GOLF PACKAGERS  Three words…Be Very Careful! Sometimes we think there are almost as many so-called “golf packagers” out there as there are golfers, and, sadly, they come and go like the tide. We always worry when we can’t find a local telephone number or street address on a packager’s website, and, therefore, recommend that the golfers avoid those guys like the plague.  

To add insult to injury, many of the “bookers” that the golfers will be working with are, at best, order takers who don’t play golf; have never seen the courses and are reading from prepared scripts. This is especially true of most of the out-of-town operators, whom we have found to be virtually clueless.  

Since MBGA.COM is getting so many requests from golfers for help in finding “reputable” packagers and lodging properties, we are hard at work trying to find them, but we only have only found a few thus far. If you want our list of these “good guys” (and gals), just let us know. It would be extremely helpful to our quest, if you would tell us about who did a really good job for you, or who didn’t. E-mail the MBGA at


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