Great and Not-So-Great Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Golfer

Though summer seems like it was only a couple weeks ago, the Holiday season is closer than you think. It’s time to start considering gift options for the golf fanatic in your family. But beware: not every golf product is gift-worthy. Here are a few suggestions on what to buy…and what to avoid.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids: GREAT
TaylorMade and its high-octane R&D and marketing departments seem to be in perpetual overdrive. On the heels of the release of the SLDR driver, fairway woods and hybrids in recent weeks, the multi-billion dollar equipment maker has unveiled a new slightly less expensive companion offering: think an updated take on their Burner line. Driver will be $299, with fairway woods at $299 and hybrids at $199.

Mission Athlete Care Power Grip “Liquid Hand Chalk”: GREAT
This gift may not get immediate use over the cold months, but come summertime, especially for those coming to warm places like Myrtle Beach, a little extra grip on the golf club is always welcome. Mission’s Power Grip “Liquid Hand Chalk” product keeps hands dry for two hours per application. And at $9.95, it’s a no-brainer of a stocking-stuffer.

Kentwool Socks: GREAT
Speaking of stocking-stuffers, what could be better than a great pair of socks? Kentwool socks are pricey—$22.95 for a full-length pair—but Tour players and avid amateurs who value comfort alike swear by them.

Bushnell V3 Rangefinder: GREAT
Bushnell improved on their popular V2 model with a nifty first-in-industry feature: the entire body of the device vibrates briefly as soon as it locks onto its target. This feature gives users complete confidence that they haven’t mistakenly locked onto a tree or sign or non-flagstick object in the background. It too is stocking-stuffer sized, but has a more under-the-tree price of $299.

Random Golf Balls: NOT-SO-GREAT
A crisp new dozen golf balls is one of the best Christmas gifts imaginable, but only if they’re ones you want. Is the golf nut in your family a pretty good young player? Get him a dozen Titleist Pro V1s ($47.99). But your 75 year old grandfather who can barely hit his drives 150 yards? He needs more distance, and something like the Bridgesotne xFIXx ($19.95) will be more his speed. Bottom line: do a little sleuthing into your gift recipient’s golf game and you shouldn’t go wrong. Check out for all the brands and models of golf ball you could dream of ordering.

LoudMouth Golf Clothing: NOT-SO-GREAT
This brand, popularized by John Daly, is completely true to its name. Crazy designs and patterns on their pants and shorts as well as golf shirts are the order of the day. Like the sun, you probably want to avoid looking directly at their offerings for fear of eye damage. Also, their stuff is expensive: pants run $95.00 a pair! If you must…

(posted 11/14/13)

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