Greatest Ryder Cup Comeback Ever

Historic Rally by the European Ryder Cup team



To sum up the 2012 Ryder Cup, a “Colossal Collapse” on the Americans side.  For once I actually agreed with Johnny Millers take on the Ryder Cup.  It was worse than nails on a chalk board watching the American team crumble.  As every point on the European side was added my anger grew! The most frustrating part for me was listening to everyone – yes everyone blame the final guys for not coming through! Really- the first main guys didn’t do ANYTHING- you need their points just as much as you needed Stricker and Woods points! Thank you Jason Dufner and Dustin Johnson for claiming a point on the final day!

Friday and Saturday’s matches we’re exciting and fun to watch, but in no circumstance did I think the US could blow as big of lead as they had! 10-6 going into single matches! All they needed was 4 ½ points that’s it! (come on)


This sums up the week, “'We're all kind of stunned,'' Love said. ''We know what it feels like now from the `99 Ryder Cup. It's a little bit shocking. We were playing so well, we figured it didn't matter how we sent them out there. We got a couple of matches flipped there in the middle that cost us.”  Cost you all, yes I would say so!

At least all the wives and partners looked pretty!


Until next week!



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