Heading North: Golf Show Season!

The Time Has Come!

Golf show season is finally under way, and our travels are just beginning!

I'm Susan, and this is Santana to my right!

We will be visiting everyone this spring to get you all excited about Myrtle Beach! It's time to put away the snow shoes and gloves and dust off the golf clubs!  Golf Season is almost in full swing, and we dont want you all to miss out!

Last week we spent the weeking in Baltimore Maryland!  The show wasn't as busy as most but it was mainly because the RAVENS we're on, and won!

Today we just got back from Sommerset New Jersey! The show was PACKED with TONS of excited golfers!  We meet some great people this past weekend, and enjoyed talking to each and everyone of you!

Here's our weekend in a quick recap:

(Day One)

(Day Two)

(Day Three)

We have this week off! Thank goodness we need time to follow up with everyone we met!

(Michael Breed from the Golf Channel's 'Golf Fix')


Next week we will be in Washington DC, followed by Philly, and then last but not least Ohioians we will be heading to Cleveland!


Make sure to take time and visit us if we're coming to your city!


If not, you can find all the latest deals on MyrtleBeachGolf.com!


Until next week!



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