How to Pack Like a Pro for your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

You are heading to Myrtle Beach for a golf getaway with friends and you cannot wait to hit the ground and the greens on the Grand Strand. But before you let your excitement get the best of you while you are counting down the days, be sure to take time to put some thought into what you will be packing for your Myrtle Beach golf retreat.

Nothing’s worse than making the big trip and realizing you left some key items at home. Sure, you can make a frantic visit to a local Walmart or golf store to scramble for the things you left behind, but there’s no need for any extra stress to spoil your fun. You and your crew would rather spend your time riding a golf cart than pushing a shopping cart.

However, you also want to pack light and tight. It’s a few-days golf trip, not a month-long cruise, so there’s no need to overpack. The key is to bring everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Thanks to all our regular golfers who have learned this balance act the hard way, here’s a handy check list to help you pack for your golf trip:

Clothing: Don’t go crazy packing a lot of things that will never make it out of the suitcase. Golf apparel is perfectly acceptable on and off the course on the Grand Strand, so there will be days when your playing outfit is the same as your nightlife attire. A golf shirt and khakis are commonplace at even the nicest restaurants and clubs in town. Check the weather forecast to gauge the clothes your are most likely to need, and choose golf outfits that are easy crossovers to the dining and social settings you anticipate.

Club case: Whether you are flying into Myrtle Beach and have to check your clubs at the curb or driving to the Grand Strand and stowing you clubs away with others in the back of a van, it’s worth the money to invest in a quality club case. For the price of a replacing a couple of snapped clubs, you can pick up a sturdy case to protect your golf bag and gear. We recommend one that is waterproof and strong enough to stand up to a careless sky cap or a long road trip. You can also use the case to carry some other items loose items you might need on the links.

Deck of cards: It might seem like a long shot, but a deck of playing cards don’t take up much space and can be a real life-saver during a rain delay or a layover. Your foursome can kill time by playing a friendly game of Spades or Euchre while you are waiting for your plane or tee time.

Ear buds: These are a good idea for any trip so you can listen to music on the flight or catch a few winks in a noisy vehicle. But they can serve dual purposes during a Myrtle Beach golf vacation, especially if your longtime golf buddy is about to become your weekend bunkmate. A snoring roomie or one that talks too much after lights-out can cut into your sleep and keep you from playing at the top of your game.

Golf gadgets: Here’s the perfect opportunity to test out some of those cool golf gadgets you got for Christmas or ones that have been gathering dust in your golf bag. Since you are playing unfamiliar courses, use your Garmin GPS watch for reading the holes or a remote swing analyzer on the driving range. Myrtle Beach provides an excellent proving ground for such devices.

Rain gear: We hope you don’t see a drop of rain during your Myrtle Beach golf vacation, but there’s always a chance. You don’t want to overpack with a full rain ensemble, but there are a few items you can stow away to stay dry. A good rain slicker or rain suit can be rolled up and stashed in your golf bag, along with that cumbersome golf umbrella, for easy access when you need it. Be sure to select a Dri-Fit hat to make the trip, which might be a good reason to pick up a new pair of rain gloves.

Sun gear: The skies might not be sunny where you live, but there’s a good chance of getting a serious dose of Vitamin D during your visit to Myrtle Beach, even in the winter. Dig out the sunscreen and stash it in the zipper of your golf bag, and bring a pair of polarized sunglasses. You might want to include a swimsuit, especially if you are staying at one of our resorts with indoor/outdoor swimming pools, lazy rivers and hot tubs.

Even if you forget to pack something important, the Grand Strand is well-stocked with golf stores and other outlets to pick up any last-minute items. But follow this check list and there’s a good chance you can worry less about what you left at home and focus more on playing your best golf on Myrtle Beach’s award-winning golf courses. Now start packing!

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