How to Plan a Golf Weekend in Myrtle Beach

The fall golf season is right around the dogleg in Myrtle Beach and you and your golf buddies are still sitting on the fence. Sure, you always talk about taking a guys or girls weekend getaway to the Grand Strand, but before you know it you will be hanging Christmas lights and wondering why you didn't make your Myrtle Beach golf trip happen.

Someone has to step up, and that someone might as well be you. Even if you're not the perfect event planner, you don't have to be thanks to Myrtle Beach Golf, your one-stop spot for golf on the Grand Strand. See, you've already found the right place for booking your tee times and accommodations and handling all the details of your golf getaway. The rest is as easy as 1-2-3.

With connections to dozens of golf courses and hotels, Myrtle Beach Golf can put you on the links all day and in the lap of luxury at night, all at discounted prices. Myrtle Beach Golf goes the extra mile to ensure that you and your group have a great time at an affordable price. The only real planning you have to do is on your end; let us take care of the rest. Here are three steps for planning your group's fall Myrtle Beach golf trip:

* The first step is finding a date when everyone can make it. This can be difficult in the fall, when football games and weddings can consume a lot of your free time. Send out a mass email with a list of possible dates and give everyone a deadline to respond with any conflicts. To get your group excited, ask for nominations about which courses they would like to play, which hotel they would like to stay, or for favorite restaurants and bars to visit. Just make sure everyone check's their social calendars; nothing ruins a golf getaway quicker than a time conflict. The sooner the better on this step. The fall season draws a crowd and the top courses are in high demand so the early birds get the birdies.

* After you've narrowed down your dates, check Myrtle Beach Golf's useful website for information on availability, pricing and specials for courses and accommodations. The Quick Quote function helps you do your own cost-benefit analysis, and the weekend specials take advantage of courses looking to fill out their tee times and hotels hoping to put heads in beds. Put together a couple of package proposals for the group to choose from, maybe a lower budget option, a dream scenario and a more reasonable middle of the road alternative. Myrtle Beach Golf can provide easy to use info for all three. From affordable hotels to deluxe resorts and golf villas, and from semi-private clubs to value courses, you can find all the info you need in a few clicks.

* Once you've got a consensus and commitment from your friends, it's time to start filling in the details to make sure your Myrtle Beach golf trip is a memorable one. You know your group better than anyone so plan accordingly. If they are all about golf, look for some last-minute opportunities to squeeze in nine more holes before sunset, or line up a night at a lighted driving range and practice green, like Cane Patch and Midway Par-3s. If you are coming with a party crowd, plan an evening out at Broadway at the Beach's Celebrity Square or the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. The fall calendar is filled with festivals on the Grand Strand so look for some fun off the links while you're in Myrtle Beach.


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