6 Must-Haves to Boost Your Golf Game

6 Must-Haves to Boost Your Golf Game

You can’t stop the rain (and certain errant tee shots), but you can improve your golf game. Practice, fitness, and focus ought to be part of your routine already. But isn’t there something you could buy to get results?

In fact, there are things you can buy to get results.

We’re not talking magic putters or super-powered balls. But we’ve uncovered a few things you could put in your shopping cart (and golf cart) to lower your scores. And isn’t that what we’re all after?

Precision Pro Range Finder

What it is: A device to help find your range and pick the ideal club. It’s easy to use and will keep you from guessing how long your shot is. Wouldn’t you like to hit more greens and less rough?

What it costs: $149-$319

Where to get it: Precision Pro Golf

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

What it is: An aid that works through your smartphone to provide you with data. It’ll report:

  • Ball speed
  • Carry distance
  • Club speed
  • Launch angle
  • Launch direction
  • Smash factor

It works on a free iOS app and is light and portable.

What it costs: $499

Where to get it: Rapsodo

Garmin Approach S60

What it is: A GPS watch that tells you where you are on the course and where you need to put the ball. Check the touchscreen for distance from the green, pin, water hazards, and more. It has 40,000 loaded courses and you can get it in ceramic or polymer.

What it costs: $399.99

Where to get it: Garmin

Bushnell Golf Wingman GPS Bluetooth Speaker

What it is: Bring your streaming music to the course. Add in the ability to hear the front, center, and back of green distances with the push of a button.  It’s only 24 ounces and mounts to the golf cart frame. The rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours (about 36 holes).

What it costs: $149.99

Where to get it: Bushnell


SKLZ Gold Flex – Golf Training Aid

What it is: A trainer that helps you understand how to hold and position your club during the swing. It’s a weighted simulated club that helps loosen you up and establish a rhythm. It helps create more of an in-to-out golf swing.

What it costs: $69.99

Where to get it: SKLZ


What it is: A guideline to where you want to be, short and long term. It’ll help pinpoint the aspects of your game that need attention. And, whether you need anything beyond yourself to reach them. Write them down: No missed fairways off the tee, 75% of greens in regulation, break 90, etc.

What it costs: Nothing but your time and dedication.

Where to get it: It comes from within. Your love of the game and enjoyment in seeing goals conquered can give you all the momentum you need.

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