Myrtle Beach Golf Association has struggled too!

Needless to say, Myrtle Beach Golf Association has taken our share of hits as well.

While profits have never been a consideration in the Myrtle Beach Golf Association’s 11-year history, our costs have escalated dramatically and our team of dedicated and professional Myrtle Beach golf industry “insiders” has grown smaller, while the challenges of keeping track of the golf courses, restaurants and, especially, the golf packagers have intensified four-fold.

Good News: The good news is that the vast majority of the remaining Myrtle Beach golf courses are in excellent shape, and housing construction on the vast majority of them has virtually ground to a halt.

Furthermore, while the remaining Myrtle Beach golf courses, especially the top ranked ones, are charging top dollar, there is a monstrous lodging glut here, and therein lies the financial wiggle-room where the golfers can wheel and deal.

Therefore, with the lodging properties struggling to fill all of their rooms and the courses holding firm on their rates, golfers should book all-inclusive packages, not ala carte!

As to the Myrtle Beach Golf Association’s travails, after a multitude of lengthy, and often heated discussions, and in-order to continue to be able to provide the travelling gofers with the candid inside information on Myrtle Beach golf which they have come to expect from MBGA.COM, the MBGA Team decided to add online tee time booking and some limited advertising.

Bad News: The dreaded 6-hour rounds are still more prevalent than they ever should be, especially at some of the high-end tracks, where, at the prices they’re charging, they should be totally non-existent!

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