Myrtle Beach Golf Confidential – Fall is a Ball

So we’d like to share a little secret with you. If you only tell a few of your golf friends, let’s say three of them, we can limit our secret to a select few lucky ones.

Golf in Myrtle Beach in the fall is as good as it gets.

While most people flock to Myrtle Beach in late spring and summer to get their fill of some of the best golf on the planet, seasoned pros and amateurs swing their golf vacations to the Grand Strand in September and October. With less humidity and temperatures typically in the 70s to low-80s, the weather is ideal. With children returning to school and not as many beach-goers, traffic is usually lighter and the area isn’t quite as crowded.

Just because the calendar changes to fall, the pristine signature courses don’t go into hibernation. Myrtle Beach National. The Dunes Club. True Blue. Crow Creek. Tidewater. Caledonia. The list of world-class golf courses in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area goes on and on, and so do the opportunities to catch a deal on your fall golf trip. Hotels typically offer lower rates during the off-season, so it’s a perfect time of year to get an excellent value on your vacation.

Not only does fall golf in Myrtle Beach offer ideal temperatures and better value, the off-season allows you better access to entertainment accommodations when you’re not golfing. Endless restaurant options in the area will have shorter waits than in the heat of summer. Stores will have shorter lines if you need to upgrade your golf attire on your trip. And if you need a brief respite from the golf course for an hour or two, the ocean will be waiting for you.

Whether you need a long weekend with the guys or a couple’s vacation before winter sets in, a fall golf trip in Myrtle Beach is your perfect getaway. Let your foursome in on the secret, and we won’t tell anyone how much fun you have.

(posted 5/15/14)

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