Myrtle Beach Locals’ Favorite Golf Courses

But just as big cities tend to have their hidden-gem, locals-only bars and restaurants, Myrtle Beach also has a number of courses that visitors may tend to overlook, but longtime vacationers and residents call their own.

If you want to get a bit more of a local flavor into your Myrtle Beach golf trip, visit these courses:

Litchfield Country Club
One of the Myrtle Beach area’s oldest golf courses, this Willard Byrd-designed course opened in 1966. That means it was one of Myrtle Beach’s main golf attractions from an early date. But over the years, the dozens of new courses that have sprung up around it have stolen some of Litchfield’s thunder. No matter – the traditional-style layout with pitched greens and tree-lined fairways has become known for its quiet, serene feel and friendly atmosphere. Pace of play also tends to move along better here, as there are fewer opportunities for lost balls than at some of the more contemporary layouts.

Whispering Pines Golf Course
Whispering Pines is the first golf course many Myrtle Beach visitors see when they arrive, if they’re coming to the area via Myrtle Beach International Airport. This is Myrtle Beach’s municipal course, and as such, many visitors dismiss it as a “goat track.” But that is far from the truth; this recently renovated layout is in good shape and has some of the area’s most underrated holes, like the par-3 17th, which has a backdrop no other area hole can claim: the sparkling airport terminal located a few hundred yards behind the green.

Long Bay Club
When your course has a strong membership, it relieves some of the pressure to maximize outside play. This is the case at Long Bay, one of the Myrtle Beach area’s two Jack Nicklaus Signature courses. Long Bay is a residential community unto itself, set just north and west of North Myrtle Beach off Highway 9 in Longs. It does get its share of visitor play, but on a given day, you are likely to find yourself chatting up one of its members, many of whom live on-site and have their own golf carts. The course is a challenging one, which lends itself to multiple rounds. Here, you’ll feel like you’ve accessed an upscale private club, which adds to the experience.

You can book your vacation rounds at these three and dozens more Myrtle Beach-area golf courses through us here 

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