Myrtle Beach Multi-course Options Galore

Barefoot Resort. Myrtle Beach National. Legends. The Big Cats at Ocean Ridge Plantation. Mystical Golf. It is safe to say the Myrtle Beach area offers quite a few multi-course complexes. For some golfers who don’t want the hassle of searching around for different courses and tee times that work together, a golf resort or complex is the perfect solution. Call one place, tell them when you’re coming to town, tell them what times you like to play and you’re good to go. But how do you decide between the Grand Strand’s multiple multi-course options. Well we can’t make the final decision for you, but check out our breakdown of each property:

Barefoot Resort: This probably goes without saying, but any resort that features courses designed by Norman, Fazio, Dye and Love is doing something right. As you’d expect, the service at the Barefoot courses is first-class. As you’d also expect, the greens fees at Barefoot are somewhat pricier than other courses in the area. Most would say the price is worth it. The Dye Club hosts the Monday After the Masters event with Darius Rucker and all of his celebrity and golf friends. And the Love course is the newest addition, yet has true lowcountry appeal.

Myrtle Beach National: There’s truly something for everyone at this Arnold Palmer signature complex. King’s North has landed on a number of top courses lists, while the West Course and SouthCreek are playable by all golfers from the appropriate tees, but a true challenge from the tips. When compared to Barefoot Resort, MB National offers quite a value, especially if you’re willing to be flexible with your tee times and open to playing in the afternoon.

Legends: We’ve talked about a complex with four golf courses and a resort with three golf courses, now let’s talk Legends, a golf group with five unique golf courses. Oyster Bay, Heritage Club, Parkland, Moorland and Heathland are the layouts in the Legends golf package. While the Parkland, Moorland and Heathland courses are a part of the Legends Golf & Resort in Myrtle Beach, Oyster Bay sits to the north in Sunset Beach, NC and Heritage is just south of the Beach in Pawleys Island. The courses have a distinct European feel to them, yet take full advantage of the natural trees surrounding many of the holes. The Legends courses aren’t the newest in Myrtle Beach, but they definitely offer solid options. And watch out for Moorland! To say it’s a challenge may be an understatement.

The Big Cats: Slightly up the road from Myrtle Beach in Sunset Beach, NC are 72 holes of golf that go by the names of Leopard’s Chase, Tiger’s Eye (not that Tiger), Panther’s Run and Lion’s Paw. The vistas that come along with these courses are gorgeous, right up to the waterfall on Leopard’s Chase’s 18th hole. If you’re looking to travel a short distance away from the center of Myrtle Beach, these Cats are a nice option. With the location in North Carolina, you also will see lower prices on greens fees!

Mystical Golf: While not the newest courses in the area, Man O’ War, The Witch and The Wizard present a lot of golf value to the value-seeking golfer. Compared to the other golf resorts and complexes mentioned, you won’t see the most perfect playing conditions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grab some tee times and have a great time playing some Myrtle Beach golf. These courses may not be for everyone, but for a value option they’re certainly worth keeping on the list.

Some golfers like to get a variety of courses in different areas on their itinerary, others like to stay in one spot. With these multi-course options you get some variety in one location – the best of both worlds. We laid out the options, now it’s up to you to pick you golf property!

(posted 8/27/14)

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