Myrtle Beach’s Top Oceanfront Resorts

Myrtle Beach is one of the world’s greatest golf destinations. And as an all-you-can-play-type destination, sometimes golfers can come to town and focus so much on tees, greens and fairways that they may overlook another key feature of the region: the beach.

As many golfers as Myrtle Beach draws, it attracts tons of other visitors each year, especially in the summer, to its many oceanfront resorts. A room with a view of the Atlantic can require that guests pay heavy premiums in most beach destinations, but due to the volume of such accommodations in Myrtle Beach, prices tend to stay much more reasonable. As a result, these resorts make great bases for golf trips, as well as beach-focused trips.

With that in mind, here are four oceanfront resorts that golfers would enjoy staying at:

Breakers Resort

Veteran travelers to Myrtle Beach have probably heard of Breakers Resort, and for good reason. Now in its tenth decade of existence, it’s a fine-wine of a hotel that keeps improving, out of respect to the thousands of golfers and beachgoers who visit year after year. To that end, a rigorous program of periodic renovations keeps the huge oceanfront hotel up with the times, and it remains one of the iconic resorts of the Grand Strand.

In addition to its impressive list of amenities that compliments its excellent guestrooms, The Breakers hosts several regular and special events throughout the year that add further value and enjoyment to the experience of staying on-site, be it for a night or two weeks. If you’re looking to stay somewhere that captures the spirit of Myrtle Beach, the Breakers is ideal.

Caribbean Resort & Villas

It’s always nice to have options on vacation. Myrtle Beach offers them with an incredible wealth of things to do, even beyond its nearly 100 golf courses. In similar fashion, Caribbean Resort & Villas offers a range of options aimed at giving its guests—from couples to families to large golf buddy groups—the opportunity to get the most out of their Myrtle Beach vacation. Its central location in Myrtle Beach means that golfers can combine easy access to dozens of area courses with the opportunity to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic each morning from a 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-bedroom villa.

Caribbean Resort & Villas also offers myriad options on the amenities front. For dining options, guests can choose from Caribbean’s on-site eateries or numerous restaurants within walking distance, including the award-winning Sea Captain’s House, known as one of Myrtle Beach’s best spots for seafood. And with a stunning 14 pools on site, there are plenty of ways to cool down after a warm day on the course.

Compass Cove Resort

Compass Cove Resort is one of the Myrtle Beach area’s most sought-after places to enjoy a beach and golf vacation. The hotel boasts 720 feet of beach frontage, with an impressive 530 one-, two- and three-bedroom guest units. This makes Compass Cove perfect for couples, families and—oh yes—golf groups.

In addition to well-appointed, varied guest rooms, Compass Cove has a phenomenal list of amenities. With 22 total pool features, the resort offers a waterpark-like experience year round, due to not just a wonderful outdoor pool complex, but numerous indoor pools and lazy rivers as well. Two waterslides—the Schooner Screamer and the Compass Cruiser—are especially popular among the resort’s clientele.

North Beach Plantation Resort

If you’re looking for an absolute top-notch lodging experience to compliment your golf in Myrtle Beach, North Beach Plantation is a perfect place to stay. Located on a 7 1/2-acre finger of land between the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the parshes of Whitepoint Swash, it occupies one of the more striking settings of any oceanfront resort in Myrtle Beach. And with a comprehensive list of upscale amenities, it’s no wonder why it has become one of Myrtle Beach’s premier places to stay.

Two of North Beach’s features stand out in particular. The first is 21 Main, the resort’s on-site steakhouse and sushi bar, voted one of the top restaurants along the Grand Strand from the moment it opened. The other is Cinzia Spa, a great place to relax, unwind and recharge, whether you’re coming from a day on the beach or on the course.

The most important feature these four resorts have in common? You can arrange your golf trip accommodations at all of them through

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