New Ruling About the Anchor Putting Style

Too anchor or not too anchor that is the question?  It looks like in three years there won’t be a question if the ruling is passed.

Numerous PGA Tour players have been using and seen success with the anchor style putting method.
To no one’s surprise, the USGA and Royal & Ancient Golf Club have proposed to outlaw anchoring of the putter and while they are putting no limit on the length of the putter itself, the point is debatable.


Starting in three years, January of 2016 the popular putter method is going to be banned. Three of the past major winners on the PGA tour are about to have the make the switch back to the common putting style.  As of right now the Champions tour hasn’t made a decision on the anchored putter, but for the most part they mirror any changes the PGA tour makes as best as they can.

Keegan Bradley, Webb Simpson, and Ernie Els are some of the most common anchor style putting users. Keegan Bradley says he will continue to anchor his putter until the day it becomes illegal. One thing the governing bodies made clear was that this was not an equipment ban, meaning you are free to use your unconventional putters however you choose, as long as it’s not anchored. It is however very hard to balance a putter of such without anchoring it too your body- there is nowhere for the extended shaft to go.
I personally don’t see an issue with it, but various haters say it’s a form of cheating- if it was cheating wouldn’t everyone do it?  If it really lowered your score that much only anchor putting users would win, and no one else would have a chance. I think that is the dumbest thing anyone could say, but it’s just like anything else it’s much easier to talk about it than make a change. Rocco Mediate commented if it was ‘the best’ method out there everyone would be using it all 144 on tour!


Tom Lehman was one of the more vocal people speaking out on the topic, “It is blatantly unfair to have let it go on this long and now decades later make this proposed ruling. There are many young players who have grown up with the belly putter, never even using traditional methods. To tell them it is illegal or against the spirit of the game is way late, very unfair and in my opinion unethical. If I were Webb Simpson or Keegan Bradley or Bernhard Langer or anyone else who has poured their hearts and soul into putting this way, I would be furious. The reality is that successful golf is achieved by what happens between the ears. I am disappointed with this ruling.” (

In 90 days the ruling will either be official or unofficial, we must wait and see!  Until then Myrtle Beach enjoy the 70 degree weather in December!

Untill next week, Susan

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