Practice Makes Perfect Golf in Myrtle Beach

“We’re talking about practice, man. Not the game. Not the game. Practice.”

Former NBA star Allen Iverson probably uttered the most famous quote about practice in the history of the world. Games are always more fun than practice. Games count. Practice doesn’t. Except in golf, if you don’t practice, you’ll probably never make it to the game. Golf is one sport where there are few Allen Iversons, few naturals. Everyone has to work hard at the sport. Even Tiger Woods was practicing golf when he was two years old.

Golf practice is all about hour upon hour of time at the driving range. So if you have to spend so much time on practice, it’s a good idea to know where all the best practice spots are in Myrtle Beach. Check out these spots when you need to practice:

– Grand Dunes – one of the leading clubs in Myrtle Beach offers a top notch practice facility

  • Two large practice greens
  • Chipping area
  • Bunker area

– TPC Myrtle Beach – tour-quality course offers tour-quality practice options

  • Driving range
  • Chipping area
  • Putting green
  • Starters are always nearby to keep you on track with your tee time.

– Legends Golf – expansive golf resort with five courses and practice facility

  • Those who stay at the resort receive unlimited use of facility
  • 30-acre driving range practice area

– Barefoot Golf – world-class facility in North Myrtle Beach offers practice area to match its beautiful courses

  • 30 acre practice area
  • Lighted driving range for night practice
  • 75 grass tees
  • Short game areas
  • Covered areas for rainy days or protection from the sun

– Tupelo Bay – while the other courses mentioned are known more for their courses than their practice areas, Tupelo Bay is probably the opposite. I would consider the entire facility including the two courses a practice area. The main course is a short, but fun executive course, then there’s a very short par 3 course. In addition Tupelo offers:

  • Driving range
  • Putting green
  • Lighted driving range for night practice

– Cane Patch – this facility’s format is somewhat similar to Tupelo. The focus is on practice, but Cane Patch is a family-friendly facility with miniature golf.

  • Lighted driving range and par 3 course
  • Free club rentals

If you’re not Tiger or Rory or Allen Iverson for that matter, you should definitely get some golf practice in before you step up to the tee box with the big boys on game day. For the golfers that are travelling from out of town, a couple of buckets of balls at the driving range will have you feeling good about the coastal breezes and climate. Then you’ll be ready for prime time on some of the best courses in Myrtle Beach!

(posted 9/21/14)
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