Pros & Cons of Winter Golf in Myrtle Beach

First things first. Winter golf in Myrtle Beach is NOT spring, summer or fall golf in Myrtle Beach. Spring golf is amazing, with pleasant temperatures and typically abundant sunshine. Summer golf can get a little hot, but the days are long, maximizing the number of tee times per day. Fall golf is close to perfect. Beautiful days with lower humidity are the norm. That brings us back to winter! Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of winter golf in Myrtle Beach.

Pro: Less is more.

Fewer people in the Grand Strand area during the winter months make it easier to get on the courses of your choice. Tee times are relatively easy to grab – typically at comparatively low prices. There’s never a better time than winter to play some of the top courses in the area.

Con: More is less.

So days are a lot shorter in winter, which means there’s a lot more darkness. More darkness means less tee times in a day. So while you should be able to get a tee time at most courses, you may be limited in the time of day you get to play.

Pro: Value everywhere

In addition to lower prices on the courses, you can find incredible deals on hotel rooms for your winter golf trip. This year, if you’re driving to the Beach, you’ll even catch a break on gas prices.

Con: Varying weather

The reason, of course, that prices are lower is that the weather in the winter months in Myrtle Beach isn’t as gorgeous as it is the rest of the year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some really, truly playable golf weather. Typically, there isn’t as much precipitation in Myrtle Beach compared with northern locales, and high temperatures can range from the 50s to the 60s. It’s always possible to get a sunny 70-degree day in December too. Overall, the weather is simply less predictable during the winter months in Myrtle Beach.

Pro: There’s more to do in winter in Myrtle Beach than you think!

There are endless holiday shows and events that take place in and around Myrtle Beach during the winter. The area also has any shopping you could ask for with options like Tanger Outlets and Barefoot Landing. Plus you can still eat at all of the amazing restaurants.

Con: You can’t swim in the ocean.

Ok, you can, but it would be rather refreshing, to put it kindly. Obviously one of the biggest draws to Myrtle Beach, other than golf, is the beach. The great part about the beach in the winter though is you can still run, walk and enjoy the breathtaking views. There are far fewer people, so it almost feels like a private beach.

There may be more cons than the other seasons, but there are plenty of pros that make a winter golf trip well worth your while. Even the so-called negatives aren’t necessarily that bad. There’s something peaceful about Myrtle Beach in the winter. It rings true from the golf courses to the local spots to the beach. While most enjoy the energy and activity of summertime at the beach, it’s definitely worth a golf trip to the beach in the winter to see what the calm is all about!

(posted 12/1/14)

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