Read the Fine Print


READ THE FINE PRINT  If it wasn’t so reprehensible, the “fine print” disclaimers we find hidden away in “price-driven” advertisements for golf packages to Myrtle Beach would be funny. Here are some of those disclaimers that “bait and switchers” use… 

“Rates are based on double occupancy,” or “Rates are based on two persons per bedroom,”


“Rates are based on four persons per unit (condo)”

“A minimum two, three, four night stay is required,” or “One week stay is required” 

“Weekends or holidays rates may be higher” 

“Cart fees are not included,” or “Cart fees must be paid at the golf courses” 

“Rates are based upon unit availability,” or “Some unit types may require additional charges” 

“Taxes are not included”

“Resort fees are not included”


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