REPLAYS  This is the option to play a 2nd round in the afternoon on the same day, at the same facility. Most of the Myrtle Beach golf courses allow replays in the afternoon after completing your first round – subject to the availability of open tee times in the afternoon. A substantial number of courses don’t charge an additional green fee for afternoon replays, but instead charge a cart fee for replays. However, just as many courses do charge a reduced green fee for replays.  

There are several multi-course facilities that allow replays on their other courses, as long as the replay is on the same day. The afternoon replays are normally scheduled on a “first in, first off” schedule. Simply put, the golfers that tee off first in the morning will be the first ones back in to the clubhouse. Since they are the first ones back in, they are normally the first ones off for afternoon replays.  

During the heavy booking periods of February through April and October and November replay rounds may not be available.  

Be sure to make it clear that you want the replay rate, because if you don’t the golf course will try to charge you the prevailing round price. Also, if you book a specific tee time they will charge you full price.


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