Shopping for a Golfer (or Yourself) This Holiday Season? Consider These 4 Awesome Gifts

It’s fall, and you know what that means: The holiday season is just around the corner. If you have any golfers on your list — or want to start dropping hints to others for gift ideas for yourself — here are four ideas that run the gamut from the super-practical to the magically absurd:

Orange Whip Swing Trainer
If you’re not careful, all the gains you made during a busy golf season can be undone by a golf-free off-season. That’s why, especially if you struggle with a too-quick or generally inconsistent tempo in your swing, the Orange Whip Trainer ($109) can be a godsend. With its whippy shaft, heavy orange rubber ball where the clubhead would be and counterweight behind the grip, it is a great aid to swing a few dozen times per day in your garage to help keep your golf muscles engaged until your next round.

Under Armour Match Play Golf Shorts
Under Armour’s sports apparel seems to get better and better every year, and its golf clothing is no exception, as the familiar superimposed “UA” logo seems to show up at golf courses everywhere, every day. But it’s Under Armour’s golf shorts that have us really impressed. Yes, they cost $65 to $70 per pair, but they’re worth it — durable, slightly stretchy and so comfortable, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re wearing your favorite, well-worn pair of gym shorts on the course.

YETI Rambler Tumbler
YETI has made its name and fame primarily with high-end drink coolers. It’s only natural that the company has expanded its offerings to include smaller products, including a 30-ounce, stainless steel cup that golfers are buying left and right. Though the recipient of this gift will be appreciative of it in the winter, you’re bound to get a really excited call next summer as he or she raves about the fact that the Rambler will keep drinks ice cold — even on a hot day — for more than 12 hours. At about $40, it’s not a cheap stocking stuffer, but it is a high-quality one.

The Parsons Xtreme Golf Xperience founder and billionaire Bob Parsons has made a huge impression on the golf industry over the last couple years with his fledgling golf equipment company, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG). Their spare-no-expense approach and brash marketing style have attracted thousands of fanatical golfers, who plunk down as much as $5,000 for a set of the PXG’s intricately tuned and custom-fitted clubs. As if that didn’t establish enough of a sense of excess, PXG offers a VIP “Xperience” that brings two golfers to the company’s headquarters at the exclusive, Parsons-owned Scottsdale National Golf Club for a three-day, well, experience. Participants get a full-bag fitting, a stay at either the Four Seasons or W Hotel and three rounds at Scottsdale National with a company rep. The experience starts at just under $13,000. If you want to charter a private jet and go all out, it’s $99,000. If money is no object, we are hard-pressed to come up with a more ridiculously awesome holiday golf gift.

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