The Best Things About Summer Golf In Myrtle Beach


So with summer coming up, we thought we’d have a little fun and make the case for June, July and August as the best time to take a golf trip to the Grand Strand.

Amazing Weather

We’re not going to lie – it can get pretty toasty in Myrtle Beach in the summer months. But many folks like the heat, and as long as you apply sunscreen every couple hours while outdoors during daylight hours, the prospect of a sunburn is usually practically nil. Plus, the breezes that come with being close to the ocean help to moderate temperatures. And the long daylight hours mean time for 36 holes (or more) every day.

Also worth noting: summer weather in Myrtle Beach is also the easiest to pack for. You know it’s going to be warm, so you can pack just some golf shirts, shorts, a t-shirt or two, golf socks, flip-flops and you’re pretty much good to go. No need for a massive suitcase overflowing with clothes you don’t need. At other times of the year, you may need to hedge a little bit to account for unpredictable weather, but from about June 10 through September 10, you can pretty much bet the farm on the golf outfit you’ll need.

Great For The Family

What makes Myrtle Beach so popular is that while it is one of the world’s foremost golf destinations, it’s a great place to vacation if you’re a non-golfer, too. This is why it is so wildly popular with families, especially in the summer. The aforementioned long daylight hours help, too, as an early-morning round can get you back to the hotel to hang out with the family by lunch time. From there, the possibilities are endless: the beach, shopping and Myrtle Beach’s myriad attractions are just minutes away.

Awesome Value

Summer golf in Myrtle Beach is one of the best-value propositions in the game. You can play numerous world-class courses for as little as $25, meaning your summer rounds can cost pennies on the dollar relative to the more “prime-time” spring and fall golf seasons. In addition, courses are less crowded, meaning you can blaze around in three hours or less. When you plan your trip itinerary, you might just do a double-take at the price – you will not believe how low it is.

Have we convinced you to at least investigate the prospect of a summer golf trip to Myrtle Beach? Just visit to get started and let the experienced, friendly professionals there take care of the rest.

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