The must have travel essentials for your Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation

Antacid – It’s pretty likely that you’ll eat a lot of good food and maybe even some not-so-gourmet cuisine during your trip. Either way, it’s good to be prepared. If it makes the difference between a good and a poor night’s sleep, a little antacid may make a couple strokes’ difference.

Band Aids and Tape – Especially if you’re venturing to play some golf in Myrtle Beach after a long layoff, you may get a blister after a few days, especially if those days see you playing 27 or 36 holes each. A little extra cushion will go a long way.

Camera – You will make some great memories during your trip to Myrtle Beach and even though your or your compatriots’ phones have the capability, you will probably want something with the capacity to deliver some higher-quality photos. Good point-and-shoot cameras can be had for $100 or less these days. Consider packing one.

Cards – A deck of cards can provide some groups all the after-golf entertainment they need.  Sit back, relax and enjoy a few fun card games, after a long day on the links. 

Cell Phone Group / Group Text – Make sure everyone in the group has everyone else’s cell phone number. This is crucial if members of the group will be arriving from different places. Having a group text or even email chain that people can read on their smartphones will make it easy for everyone to be on the same page with regard to travel, golf and dinner plans.

Chapstick – Especially in the cooler parts of the year, breezes can dry and crack lips, adding yet another distraction to the 150 approach shot over bunkers and water that you’re bound to face at a number of points during your trip.

Ear Plugs – One great way to make a buddies’ golf trip especially affordable is to book accommodations that have bedrooms with two double or queen beds each. But of course, that brings the possibility of you sleeping in the same room as your pal who sounds like a foghorn at night. A pair of ear plugs will keep you blissfully unaware of that while trying to sleep.

Golf Gloves – If you plan a trip for one of the warmer times of year, make sure to bring two gloves, just in case your first round is a scorcher. There’s no need to bring more, though, as the area’s many golf stores will be happy to sell you reinforcements (usually cheaper than you can buy them at home).

Golf Shoes – It’s safe to bring two pairs, just in case some misfortune should befall the first, especially if you’ll be staying more than two or three days. Different colored pairs of shoes will also allow you to have a cohesive golf outfit each day, if that’s a concern.

Map/GPS – If you’re flying down and renting a car for your trip,  you may want to bring your portable GPS with you. Rental car companies generally charge somewhere between an arm and a leg and your first-born child for them, so if you have one at home, pack it for your trip. Otherwise, a good old fashioned map might be a wise addition, just in case technology should fail you.

Nail Clippers – An oft-overlooked item for the toiletries bag, this will come in handy in case a hangnail starts to impede your swing.

Pain Relievers – Especially if you plan on playing a round fresh off the plane or out of the car on arrival day, you’re going to want a little Ibuprofen to help loosen up the muscles.

Rain Gear – Myrtle Beach boasts some of the best golf weather in the country, but it does sometimes rain. Even if your preliminary perusals of the weather websites assure you that there’s no rain in the forecast for your trip, bring your rain gear. If you get caught in a freak shower, you’ll be thrilled while the rest of your group is damp.

Socks – Most golfers underestimate the refreshing power of clean socks. Changing socks in between rounds on a 36 hole day or in between nines during a (heaven forbid) rainy 18 will revitalize not just one’s feet but one’s golf game.

Sunglasses – The glare of the sun can be rough at times, be it on the golf course or on your way to or from in the morning or late afternoon.

Sunscreen – even in the cooler months of the year, sensitive skin can fall prey to the Carolina sun’s rays. Be prepared.

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