The Way to Prep Your Game for Fall Golf

The Way to Prep Your Game for Fall Golf

So, you made some modest strides in your golf game this summer.

Awesome. Especially if you got to Myrtle Beach for a few rounds. The great thing about this region is that any momentum you’ve gained in the heat of summer can continue into fall.

The Grand Strand’s climate is such that you can play year-round. Fall, though, is a special time of year. Conditions are still prime from summer. And the winter chill hasn’t yet set dormancy into play. It’s a great time to play golf.

Here’s how to adjust to cooler months and shifting conditions.

Why Visit the Grand Strand in the Fall?

Ambitions for playing more golf come alive when you hit Myrtle Beach. But this area has much more to offer, too, while you’re here.

  1. Loris Bog Off Festival, Oct. 15

Celebrate and indulge in chicken bog at this fun fall fest. There’ll be entertainment, vendors, and fun for all ages. 

  1. Myrtle Beach Oktoberfest, Oct. 8-9

Head to Market Common for German food, beer, and music. There will be kids’ games and activities, a pumpkin patch, steins, and more.

  1. Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival, Oct. 14-16

Hit historic Carver Street for the smooth sounds of local and regional artists. Little Richard and more legends have played here.

How to Get Ready for Fall Golf in Myrtle Beach

Let your fall exploration take you to the Grand Strand. Conditions are keen, crowds are smaller, and courses are beautifully varied.

1. Hit More Club

There’s not a dramatic drop, but cooler weather has a way of slowing your golf ball. Why else use an extra club? Your muscles likely will be a bit tighter than they were with frequent summer golf. And your swing will be shorter. 

PRO TIP: Use a softer ball. You might lose a little feel in autumn play. This will help, especially around the greens.

summer golf

2. Watch Your Roll

Whether you play for recreation or are chasing down hardware (or both!), note the course changes, too. Cooler temperatures mean the course will firm up. You’ll get more roll than you did in the summer. Adjust.

PRO TIP: Take less club and swing harder when approaching a firm green. Try a full swing with a sand wedge for more height and spin to stop quicker.

3. Stay Relaxed

It’s fair advice any season, but keeping loose pays off in the fall. Let the club do its thing. Respect the weight of the club and keep your elbows in close. A pre-round stretch is essential, especially for your hamstrings, hips, and wrists.

PRO TIP: Change the subject. If your playing group is struggling, take the conversation off the game. Let your play happen stress-free.

4. Notice the Taller Grass

The spectrum of grass height hits a high during cooler weather. Superintendents often raise mowing heights so grass can store energy. Extra leaf surface improves playability as turf growth dwindles, too.

PRO TIP: Pushing down grass behind your ball usually results in a two-stroke penalty. If you’re playing by the rules.

golf ball

5. Walk It Out

Muscle stiffness could come from sitting in the cart between holes. Give up the golf cart if possible. In cooler temperatures, the walk will get your heart pumping. And it’ll keep your muscles warm for your next shot.

PRO TIP: Don’t walk with compromised health or fitness level. You can opt for a push cart rather than carrying your clubs, too.

You can hold onto that progress you’ve made all year in your golf game. Heading to Myrtle Beach is a popular journey for many golfers, who love the area and the game. Fall conditions make for an ideal golf getaway and Myrtle Beach Golf makes it simple to find the perfect courses for your group. Receive a quick quote today!

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